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  • ph meter

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    i use Testo https://www.[link removed]/testo-205-Instrument-0563-2051/dp/B003A5WCCQ

  • Sous Vide, Your opinion Please

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    8Point Great! You hit a sale too, Can’t beat that.

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    jdranchman I welded all my life those blankets do take a lot of heat

  • Walton's new Dehydrator

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    johnsbrewhouse Sounds like a fair deal for you.

  • 30 LB Electric Stuffer

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    Rule of thumb is 10% of the weight of the meat.

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    Clasko2 said in Question Regarding Walton's 12in Pro Vac Sealer:

    Purchased the Walton’s 12in Pro Vac Sealer a few months ago and have loved it. Great vacuum draw and love that the seal is much wider than my old sealer.

    My question is regarding sealer moist foods or rather liquids as I’m going to start to dabbling in making tender jerky and don’t have a tumbler. When playing around with it, I’m assuming when sealing moist foods I should use the pulse vac button and vacuum until there is liquid drawn to the top of the bag, at that point I have been hitting the seal button. I have also noted that sometimes it doesn’t seal at the standard 3 second setting if the area around the seal is too wet with liquid. So I set the seal time to 6, and it seems to work alot better and get a good seal.

    I guess my question is for others who have this model vacuum sealer and if I’m going about the sealing of moist foods/liquids correctly or if other have found a different method works better? I just don’t want to draw too much liquid in to the pump and damage it.

    If I have one good thing to say about my old sealer is that it did have a moist setting and would do this automatically for me.

    Thanks for any and all help!

    Chris (Lasko)

    Chris, like I stated on a different question. If you need a hard seal, I recommend to put it in the freezer to solidify the liquid and then hard seal it. That way, you will not lose any of the liquid. If you have very little liquid, the old paper towel roll trick works by rolling up a paper towel (the width of your bag) and place it right below where you are going to seal. The liquid will be absorbed into the towel and the bag will seal nicely. Hope this helps.

  • Pro Smoker 100S

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    Gordo1964 I have the classic version before the two new WiFi units. I’ve struggled a lot with this pk100. I think I finally figured out, along with some help from the mfg that was putting too much water in the pan. I was told 5 cups of sawdust to 1 cup of water, let it sit for 30/40 min and then create a divot to the bottom of the bowl, a big tapered hole to allow the burner to have more surface area to smolder. I have found that I put it on high until I start getting smoke then I turn it down to low. If I’m doing a cold smoke or low temp smoke I don’t dampen the sawdust and use low setting. These few mods for me have me doing a lot better with smoking sausage etc.

  • Grinder issues (Weston Pro 22)

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    Possum Great Job! Especially as you cannot seem to order many of the washers any more from Weston after they get hard & come apart. You have to order an assembly, if they have it available. The customer service is good, but they seem to be running out of parts. just like a lot of other industries seem to be doing these days for older equipment that we have kept in great shape for years & still work good. Just allow me to name but a few…We went ahead & took pictures & measurements of the brand new products when we realized this was happening, in the hopes that they may be handy some day, maybe. You did great!

  • Hog ring pliars

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    chippewa I understand.

  • piggod

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    balsers Here is a thread where I collected the known fits that folks have posted about. I know it fits bigbite #22.

  • 50 lb electric meat mixer

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    Not NFS certified or food grade material.

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    Glad I never followed through with buying the 2.0 pliers!

  • Shopping for a new grinder...

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    Bought the Waltons #32 3 years ago, works great. Put as big of pieces of pork as we can push down the throat. A friend in the business told me to use the machine, don’t be wasting your time cutting up meat in small pieces!

  • Probes

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    PaPaSmokes Because you have Thermoworks and don’t need to purchase another brand to load your arsenal of temp probes, My suggestions are Waterproof probes or use the non waterproof probe in a bag with the meat and clipped so the open end stays out of the water and weight the meat bag down to keep it submerged.

  • Trolleys and hooks

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    This is just my opinion, but instead of doing all the cutting I would try to find some 2 or 3 inch hooks with eyes that will slide over the hook point of the six inch hooks. If you can’t find any that will slide over directly find a machine shop that can enlarge the holes on the 2 or 3 inch hooks to the diameter that you need and slide them onto the 6 inch hooks.

  • Looking to buy an electronic smoker

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    jdranchman very nice, congrats!

  • Band saw

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    A Biro Model 3334 is a good size table ban saw for processing hogs. At our establishment, we process 15-25 head of pork a month. The Biro 22SS is most likely going to fit in the area you have with room to work around it and has a 12 inch high area for cutting, which should be enough for processing hogs.

  • Walton Grinder head attachment…

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    Thats very true! I will definitely keep an eye out for those! Thanks again!

  • Walton’s quick patty maker clean up

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    i disassemble mine for washing all except for the parts held together with screws.

  • Vacmaster VP321

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    I have the VP 215 and love it. I think the vp 321 with longer sealing bar (if you have the room) will be an even better choice. I used the chamberless vac for a long time but I can vacuum seal so many more things better and easier with the chamber vac so I am using it a lot more. With the quantity you are working with you should be able to pay off the initial cost pretty quickly between the time savings and the much less expensive bags.