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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    Deepwoodsbutcher I loves me some real chili dogs! We had a place here called “George the Chili King” his chili was iconic!!

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    johnsbrewhouse Does everyone use the premade pastry crusts?

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    GWG8541 Um, Yes Sir! That’s a meal in itself right there!

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  • RE: Sweet chipotle jerky

    chippewa What would you say, 10%, 15% add on the jerky seasoning mix to make summer sausage?

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  • RE: Gardening, canning, pickling and everything related

    Surg Well, that looks to be a dilly of a jar. 😜

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    zbigjeff Interesting, Jeff. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that.

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  • RE: Venison Pastrami Question

    Sounds similar to mine. I use one called “Pop’s Brine”. I question the 2 tablespoons per gallon. I believe it is still within the safe level but I find that amount of “Cure” unnecessary. The other is the use of “Cure #2”, That is used for sausages and other meats that are for a longer cure time than those that are measured in days or weeks up to 4 or so?

    Here is mine,
    1 gallon of pure clean quality water
    1 cup non-iodized kosher or canning salt
    1 cup white sugar
    1 cup brown sugar (or 2 cups brown and omit the white sugar)
    1/2 cup corned beef spices
    2 tablespoons crushed juniper berries
    1 tablespoon of Cure #1 (Prague powder, DQ curing salt or other, not Morton’s Quick Cure or Insta Cure)
    Dissolve all and mix in food-safe container, stir until clear, then chill. Side note: It needs to have the sodium nitrite level at a maximum of 6.25%.
    I use this as reference: Computing equivalency, for 100 gallons of curing brine, you add 24 lbs. of curing salt to 100 gallons of water and mix.

    That is .24 lbs, or 3.84 oz. of curing salt to 1 gallon of water maximum.

    My recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of curing salt to 1 gallon of water. A level tablespoon is .88 of an ounce. Heaping is approx. 1 ounce. Either is fine. Neither comes close to the maximum amount allowed, but just enough to do the job. Curing at Maximum, plus with injection, requires 48 hours of cure time maximum. This process uses less than one third the curing salts and a longer curing time to tenderize and flavor the meat.

    You must cover the product until it floats off the bottom of the container, then weight it down to stay submersed in the brine, leaving no area to be exposed to air.

    At minimum the cure takes ¼”/day plus a min of 2 more days (cure penetrates both sides), a 2” thick brisket takes 4 days plus 2 = 6day minimum cure time

    When the curing time is completed Take out the beautifully cured “corned beef” (because that’s what it is at this point), and wash off all of the brine and spice. Then, put it in some clean water to soak for an hour to soak out any of the extra salt and rinse it once again. Lightly pat it with a paper towel, but not too dry. With the corned beef being damp proceed to the next step, the Pastrami rub.

    Note: I will do a double batch of the brine in a 5 gallon food safe bucket with a lid for 2-10 pound ish brisket flats.

    Then comes the process to make pastrami, reseason it and smoke it to make your corned meat into pastrami.
    You will lose approximately 40% of the weight during the smoking process depending on the cut of meat

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  • RE: Reminder, Livestream today at 3pm!

    I tried to keep the phone working as we drove to dinner before the comedy show, But the noise level was too much in the restaurant! Because I was unable to hear, I obviously didn’t win nutt’in!

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  • RE: Denny O's Pizza it's what's for dinner!

    wdaly Nice! I wish it was that easy for me to follow our grand-littles events!

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  • RE: Stuffer Flushers

    Deepwoodsbutcher I hand wash mine and with a swish and a swash, trust me they are ready for the next round!

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