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  • RE: Canning

    I made these last year:
    Candied Jalapenos Recipe (Homemade Cowboy Candy)
    perfect Candied jalapenos (homemade cowboy candy recipe) are easy to make, for nachos, burgers, desserts and more, nice and sweet with a touch of heat.

    Author: Mike Hultquist
    • 1/2 pound jalapeno peppers about 10-12 average sized jalapenos
    • 1 cup sugar
    • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
    • 1 teaspoon chili powder (optional)
    • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
    • ½ teaspoon ground ginger

    1. First, slice the jalapeno peppers into ¼-inch round slices.
    2. Stir together the sugar, vinegar and seasonings in a pan. Bring to a quick boil, then reduce the heat to a low simmer until the sugar dissolves into a gooey syrup.
    3. Add the jalapeno pepper slices and mix to evenly coat them with the syrup.
    4. Simmer them about 4 minutes. They will darken a bit as they slightly cook and absorb some of the sugars.
    5. Transfer the candied jalapeno peppers to cleaned jars, then fill the jars with the remaining syrup.
    6. Cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. You can eat them right away, but it is best to let the flavors develop at least 1 week in the refrigerator before eating.
    7. First, clean your jars and lids using a steamer rack in a 16-quart pot. Place the jars on the rack and fill the pot with water, enough to cover the jars. Do not let the jars touch the bottom of the pot, as the heat can cause the glass to crack.
    8. Bring the water to a boil and boil the jars for 10 minutes. Remove the jars with tongs when you’re ready to use them.
    9. Prepare the candied jalapenos per the instructions above.
    10. When the candied jalapenos are ready, scoop them into the jars, leaving ¼ inch head space.
    11. Clean the lids with soap and hot water, then place them onto the jars. Secure them with cleaned canning rings. Wipe the rims clean.
    12. Place the filled jars back into the hot water bath, onto the steamer rack, ensuring the jars are covered with 3 inches of water.
    13. Return the water to a boil and process them for 10 minutes. For higher altitudes, process them for additional time (at least an extra 10 minutes). Remove the jars with tongs and tighten the screw caps.
    14. The jar lids should make a popping sound as they seal. If a lid doesn’t seal for some reason, you can reprocess it, or store the jar in the refrigerator.
    15. Invert the jars to test for leaks. Flip them upright after 10 minutes and allow to cool.
    16. Store the jars in a cool, dry place. They will last a year or longer this way. Once you open them, however, keep the jars in the refrigerator.
      Makes about 3.5 cups.
      Packed into three ½ pint jars
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  • RE: August Late Night Process Stream

    Hey everyone, sorry, I am going to have to postpone this. I was MIA most of the day aside from some meetings yesterday because on the way back to work from lunch the brakes on my truck just disappeared at the bottom! I was doing 40, slowed down to about 30 then the brake just …released? I don’t know the word, the peddle went all the way down and it did NOTHING. Luckily the person ahead of me at a stop sign was fast and I just laid on the horn and hooked a right (fast in the truck) and was able to coast back home. I thought I had a rental car reserved yesterday but it turns out they don’t actually update their website with what they have. So, I am going this morning and going to try again.

    I just have too much to catch up from yesterday, I can’t move it to next Wednesday as we will be getting ready for Bratfest, so I am thinking it will be moved to the 24th. Sorry guys!

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  • RE: What's your next Meat Project?

    Departing Contestant Do you know of us ordering these in the past? I did a search through the system and slicer, cutter or cellulose didn’t return any results that could be it.

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  • RE: Meatgistics Podcast: Snake It Until You Make It

    ND Mike Yeah, its amazing how many of those books they “made” us read really did stick with us. Guess they were considered worth reading for a reason! The book of dun crow was one that a teacher recommended to me that wasn’t on the recommended reading list. It’s a look at good and evil using animals as characters. Not exactly an easy ready but at the time I thought it was extremely profound.

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  • RE: States as groups

    Jamieson22 I changed the colors, I think that is the #1 color combo, I randomly chose the colors when I didn’t have an immediate and strong tie to a state. Some were easy and some, like Rhode Island are totally random.

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  • RE: spell checker

    I am pretty sure there is a free version of Grammarly that works with Chrome and Edge. It does spell and some grammar checking. People who were with us back in 2017-18 may remember a time when my spell checker somehow got changed to British English, so it was Marinade when it should have been marinate, and theatre when it should have been theater. Caused Austin lots of frustration until we eventually figured out what it was.

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  • RE: a common problem and plastic ones about the same size.

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  • RE: What are you hunting/fishing?

    Spidey That had to be the best day of that kids life! I’ve caught very few fish to compare to that and I have been fishing my whole life…am I jealous of a 10 year old?! Side note, I have ZERO clue how old kids are, my sister is always annoyed me because I guess wrong all the time.

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  • RE: Love-Hate my Walton’s #22 grinder

    Grimpuppy Sounds good, we will check it out then!

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    Shrimp and chicken burrito, to be more clear i had shrimp and then a chicken wrap, not a chicken and shrimp wrap. Im not a psycho. 20220807_164440.jpg

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