• So tried my first attempt at making snack sticks. Smoked to an internal temp of 160 and dunked in ice bath for 15 minutes. Layed on butcher paper and they seem to be sweating pretty bad. There is also a jelly like moisture in pockets under the casing. Do I need to let them sit out longer? I used A.C. Leggs old plantation seasoning before I found this amazing site. Claimed to come with curing salt but didn’t. Only realized this after grinding 25 lbs. It contains Sodium erythorbate, so should do ok frozen until eaten? Help please!?

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    brass_and_bacon im almost positive that you experiencing what is known as “fatting out”. This occurs when you don’t achieve the proper level of protein extraction and the fat renders out of the sausage. Sometimes it will drip down out of the sausage and sometimes it will get trapped between the casing and the meat. Better mixing or a binder could be a fix to this in future batches.

    As of now there is nothing to be done as there is nothing that needs to be done. If it was trapped inside the casing it’s still there, it will just look unappealing and the texture will be a little off.

    The real issue is that they weren’t cured, if that is the case or at least that’s what it sounds like. Vacuum pack them and freeze them and treat them like incited meat.

    TECHNICALLY my response would be to toss them but I THINK if you treat them as uncirrd product you will be okay.
    Sorry, sending this from iPhone!

  • Jonathon yes sir, that’s what I have determined. Very upset the cure didn’t come as described. From what I’ve read, with the sodium erythorbate, it will need to be stored frozen or eaten soon if refrigerated, much like a hot dog. Bummer. Thanks for the speedy reply. Wish I had discovered this site days ago.

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