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    Meatgistics: 30% Off Coupon, Meat Hacks, Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub at WALTONSINC.COM

    Watch Meatgistics EP12: 30% Off Coupon, Meat Hacks, Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub at WALTONSINC.COM


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    Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub
    Sundried Tomato Italian Sausage Seasoning
    Sriracha Flavored Snack Stick Seasoning

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    Use coupon code MEATGISTICS5 at waltonsinc.com to receive 30% off the Excalibur Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub. Valid until 12/5/2016.

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    We’ve got a special sale and coupon for you guys today! Use the coupon code MEATGISTICS5 when shopping at waltonsinc.com to save 30% on one of our best selling and most popular seasonings, the Excalibur Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub seasoning shaker. The coupon is valid until 12/5/2016 and is good for up to one case of seasoning.

    For our new items today, we have the Excalibur Sundried Tomato Italian Sausage Seasoning and the Excalibur Sriracha Flavored Snack Stick Seasoning. Both are new items for this fall, and they have a fantastic flavor profile. Be sure and try them out for your next sausage making adventure!

    On to Meat Hacks…Our Meat Hack for the day is creativity and interchangeability on seasonings. Just because a seasoning says “snack stick” or “summer sausage” or “jerky” doesn’t mean you can’t use it on another type of meat snack or different protein than it was originally intended for. A great example is one of our new items, the Excalibur Sriracha Flavored Snack Stick Seasoning. This seasoning is originally designed for snack sticks, but it also makes an unbelievable summer sausage! You can also use a snack stick or summer sausage seasoning for jerky, or a jerky seasoning for snack sticks and summer sausage. If you find a seasoning or flavor profile that sounds good, but it doesn’t fall into the category of product you are looking to make, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try it on something different!

    Our Product Spotlight and Recipe for the day is focused back on the Excalibur Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub seasoning shaker. This is one of our favorite seasonings here at Walton’s, one of Excalibur’s favorite and top sellers, and one of John Brewer’s favorite seasonings. John has been working for Excalibur for 17+ years and this is one of his favorites and a staple at his house. It sets on the counter because it gets used on so many things. The name of the seasoning sounds like it puts this seasoning into a corner of just using it on steaks and roast, but it is fantastic on so much more. It’s also one of the best hamburger seasonings out there, plus it’s great on all kinds of vegetables. It can be used on almost any protein, and is especially good on seafood and particularly salmon. The flavor profile is so universal that it can be used in place of a seasoned salt. For example, and the “Ultimate” green bean recipe, simply take a can of green beans (or fresh green beans, water, and a bullion cube), take the water from can and bring it to a boil and add a little bit of butter and the Excalibur Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub, and you’ll have the best green beans you’ve ever had in your life!
    Other ideas for usage include:
    Steaks - Press seasoning into beef, pork, or poultry prior to pan frying, grilling, or baking. Cook until juices run clear
    Hamburgers - Press seasoning into patties prior to grilling, or mix into meat before making patties for a fuller flavor
    Roast - Rub liberally over beef or pork roast prior to baking. Bake at 350 degrees 1 hour per pound of meat
    Eggs - Scrambled, hard-boiled, over easy, or omelets… Season to taste
    Vegetables - Fantastic for fresh and grilled vegetables or add flavor to your plain canned vegetables
    Potatoes - Sprinkle on top of mashed potatoes, diced potatoes, hashbrown, or use olive oil and steak and roast rub for grilled potatoes
    Salads - Sprinkle on fresh greens to add a little zest
    General purpose rub - Season any protein to taste before grilling, roasting, sauteing, or baking
    Soups - Use in any soup or slow cooker recipe to add extra great flavor

    Don’t forget to use the coupon code MEATGISTICS5 when shopping at waltonsinc.com to save 30% on our Excalibur Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub seasoning shaker until December 5, 2016!

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