can adding liquid smoke to a snack stick recipe denature the proteins ?

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    can adding liquid smoke to a snack stick recipe denature the proteins ?

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    DeerSlayer no it wont. Im assuming you will be oven cooking the snack sticks or in a deydrator?

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    I am mostly smoking snack sticks in a masterbuilt smoker. trying to figure out why some batches come out mushy tasting and others are good a meatly with great flavor …
    I thought the common issue with the sticks was… the mushy ones I added liquid smoke
    using some smoke schedule posted here by waltons
    no smoke, door open at 120 F 1 hr to dry casings
    then 140 1 hr with smoke, door closed , then 160 ect
    finish at 170 till internal temp is 155
    same meat block each time 50 % deer 50% pork butt
    19 MM smoked casings

  • DeerSlayer , so I guess my first question is your comment, the door open, I’m guessing you mean the vent ontop of the smoker, not the actual door. Plus I think the vent goes to about 2/3rds closed not fully closed. Just checking, hope you find the problem.

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    loadpin I think DeerSlayer might mean the door? A lot of people have been exploring with propping the door open to let some heat bleed out if the smoker won’t start as low as 120°.

    DeerSlayer Any other differences at all? Which liquid smoke are we talking about? Maybe you are using one that is meant for an atomizer in a smoke house? Did you happen to use a binder on one and not on the other? My last question would be how are you cooling these? Ice bath or shower?

  • The MB’s I have start at 100° F, and Range up to 275° F.
    But the controllers are not very accurate, nor reliable. But if allowed to run for hours, they will tend to stabilize and run more consistently.
    In my experience’s smoking my snack sticks, I can get better results using my PID controller to get better temperature controls. And leaving the vents wide open.
    Having the vents wide open allows the moisture to vent out better, and lets the smoke travel in and through better. But my MB’s are both highly modified. I use what is called a “Mailbox Mod”, and dissolve my pellets into sawdust and burn it in a tray. It makes a much better, milder smoke flavor, and a much thinner blue smoke. The smoke is cold, and most creosote and tars get condensed out in the “mailbox” and the aluminum dryer vent tubing connecting my “mailbox” to my smoker.
    I use this modification all the time to make the smoke, and my PID controller so I can do cold smoking of a variety to things like Bacon’s, nuts, seasonings, fish, and such.
    I don’t use Liquid Smoke, but rely on seasonings and real smoke for flavoring.
    I also add enough cold water to my mixing to make my meats into a paste consistency, and rely on the heat to dry that moisture back out. I generally judge my finish point on the casing beginning to wrinkle.
    After pulling, ice water bathing, and drying, the snack sticks will often smooth back out to a point.
    For my Jerky though, I use my dehydrator and rely on the marinading for the flavoring of the end result.
    Two different products, two different procedures, But great tastes.

    A 5 pound batch of Willie’s Snack Sticks…
    5 pound load of Snack Sausages. 02_17_19.jpg

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    pauliedmondsjr they look great, and a great explanation of your process as well.

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    I truly appreciate all the answers here as I am just learning snack stick making… been using the smoker for 7 to 8 years for BBQ, chickens and such just ventured into processing my own sausages in the last year… Have so much to learn
    looks like more detail is needed … I do use a PID (and it works very well for controlling temps)
    Liquid smoke is Castella 1 Qt. Liquid Smoke Item #: 125XTR061975 and its specifically for adding directly to the recipe as stated by the MFG… I was just trying the liquid smoke because it works so well in the jerky I make in the dehydrator
    my smoker does not have any movable vents other that a small 3/4" hole in the top right back corner (where I run my PID probes) so yes it means I have to open the door for the first hr . closed after that.
    I also use a 12 " amazing smoker tube with 100% either hickory or apple pellets
    All the batches have been the same meat block, same casings, mostly Waltons spice mixes, hand mixed till I get a clingly/sticky meat /spice mix… All have sure cure, tryed some with ECA , one with smoked meat stabilizer (turned out terrible) and the last 2 with Sodium Erythorbate… I am running about 50 / 50 success rate
    I have done several batches of Lebanon bologna, summer sausage and pepperoni and lots of brats and no real issues
    just seems to be snack sticks are kicking my butt and don’t know why

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    DeerSlayer Don’t give up on the snack sticks! I reference it all the time but there is post on this board calledSummer Sausage Nightmare by gadahl where Parksider brought up finishing up in water instead of smoking the summer sausage the entire time. I’ve not done it on snack sticks but you might read that post and give it a try? It works amazingly well on both Bologna and Summer Sausage!

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