• I hunt wild hogs in north Texas and have always processed it into sausage. When I found Waltons ham cure and California ham spice I decided to take a chance and try to make some hams. I followed the directions just as stated, mixed the spices and cure and soaked the hams in ice water for 7 days. I put them in Waltons ham mesh bags and smoked them according to the directions. It was very cold the night I smoked them so it took a little longer than expected for the internal temperature to get up to 165 and I was thinking I had over dried the meat. I let the hams rest a day before cutting one and slicing on my meat slicer, shaving the ham into thin slices. The final product came out great. Everyone I have shared it with loved the taste and I couldn’d be more pleased with the result. Now I have the confidence to keep making great ham and Texas has an unlimited supply of pigs.

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      Another way to cook the wild pig loin is to stuff it with cream cheese and jalapeno wrap it completely with bacon and cook it on a rack so that it cooks and crisps the bacon.signal-2019-01-12-075544.jpg
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    jdh52mail Well done! I’m more and more impressed every time I try a new Walton’s product!

  • Moved to Ecuador from Dallas 3 years ago. Only hunted them once down around Burnett. We took a 400 lb sow and a 140 lb buck into the locker in Llano.6 of us split it. I ended up with 22 lbs of summer sausage. It was the best I have ever had. Wish I knew how they did made it. Processed the meat, made the sausage and delivered to us in 2 1/2 days. My 2 sons were down for 2 weeks and the sausage was gone before they left. Wish I had the recipe.
    You are right about the wild hogs. Good if you have a place to hunt. Good friend owns Precision Sports in Carrolton. If you get by there, tell Larry I send my regards to him and his dad, if he is still kicking.

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    jdh52mail sounds awesome! I plan on hitting Georgia for some hogs this year. This may be something I attempt too.

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    jdh52mail That is awesome on two levels. Frist, really glad the hams worked out and you have another option for your meat. Secondly, and maybe even more importantly is that you can tell people about this and hopefully increase peoples interest in hunting wild hogs, it is a real problem and I hear a lot of people coomplain that they dont taste that good, so if you can show them you can make hams out of them maybe more hunters will be convinced that they are worth going after.

    On a somewhat related note I was talking to an exterminator up here in Wichita KS and he told me we are starting to see all sorts of new wild life that previously was not up here. Armadillos are now pretty much all over which carry leprosy or something like that and now apparently there are black widows all over the place here! He told me to never pick up a baited rodent trap (the black molded kind) because the majority of them have a black widow living inside of them. I’m not arachnophobic but forget that nonsense! Also, I am 75% sure I have a copperhead living on my pond now. It is one snack that only swims on the top and i’ve seen it up close and it sure looked like a copper head to me. Okay, I’m done rambling!

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