no fat added to deer snack sticks

  • Yearling

    I just finished grinding, mixing, stuffing and one smoker load of deer pepperoni but decided to try with no added pork since the venison appeared pretty fatty.
    After pulling from smoker, I finished in a water poach bath of 165 degrees to achieve 160 degrees internal temp.
    My taste test proved leaving out pork was a big mistake as it turned out dry and chalky tasting.
    Could I attempt to regrind the cooked sticks including collagin casings and add pork fat with the extra cure and seasonings to taste, then cook again? Will the collagin grind down to be undetected?
    I hate to throw these away if there is a chance for rescue.

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    cariboogold Once the sausage is cooked, you will not be able to regrind and process into sausage again. My best suggestions would be to eat as it is, or get creative on putting them into something else to eat. Maybe try cutting them up and pan frying with scrambled eggs, or cutting up and adding to another food dish like chili…?
    Maybe they would be ok as an add in for another dish, but I would not try to regrind and cook another time.

  • Yearling

    OK thanks Austin. I will take that advice and get creative with it. Possibly grind it up into a hash for pizza topping or even in tacos.
    I’ll see
    Thanks guys

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