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    deplorablenc1 Lol. Only 15 more lbs. to go! Maybe more

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    Joe Hell Speaking of diets has anyone ever played around with the Carnivore Diet? I am considering trying it for a little while, the people who have tried it rave about its health benefits. The downside in my mind would be the price and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to eat carrotts, I LOVE Carrots, I eat at least 4-5 good sized ones every day. If I really wanted to do this right I would go to the Drs get my blood levels checked and then do that again in a month, the problem with that is I refuse to go to a Dr, that is where people go to get sick!

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    Jonathon Well…I’d say that I practice that for the most part. I also love carrots but the sugar content keeps me away. I stick to green veggies with the exception of cauliflower and even that is few and far between. Eating protein is easy but consuming vitamins and fiber is less ‘convienient’. I hate everything to do with doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals and avoid them at all costs. Probably not my wisest decision but it is what it is. IMO convienience is the biggest temptation. For the most part I only eat things that require a knife and fork. Sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, etc., are just too easy to shove in my piehole. Likewise, anything that is both salty and crunchy is out. No beer, no bread, no sugar, rice, beans and limited dairy. I stopped going to restaurants and even eating at friends places. I keep track of everything I eat and the calories I consume via alcohol. If I want a buzz (and I do) it may mean that I have to eat less that day to maintain my strict calorie count. For the most part I stick to around 1500 calories and under 20 carbs per day…one slice of bread exceeds my daily carb intake. In the near future (fingers crossed) I will divulge my weight loss success…I guarantee that it will be shocking.

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    Joe Hell I eat just proteins during the week… I mean less than 5 carbs a day, drink water like a fish. On weekends I drink a case of beer. I started running in January, 6 miles a night and take one day a week off.

    Jonathan, as far as blood testing, I get it done every year for work. My levels were never better since eating majority proteins.

    (No fruits, sometimes broccoli, and I am boycotting Avacados 😂)

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    deplorablenc1 lol. I love avocados! I had one in my salad last night. I only boycott sugar. I tried jogging for the first time few months ago as I returned a shopping cart…it wasn’t pretty or without pain. All sorts of things jiggled that I wasn’t used to. Lol. Out of curiosity, how long does it take to jog 6 miles? I workout for an hour a day on an elliptical/recumbent. A typical workout will go 13-14 ‘miles’ in that time.

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    Joe Hell It takes me about 80 minutes for the 6 miles, that is on the treadmill. I use the elliptical too sometimes on weekends for about the same amount of time but i use a program that increases the resistance. I hate the stupid thing too. But i normally through on a movie and just go, we have all the equipment set up in our house so there are no excuses.

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    deplorablenc1 This may not sound like much but I just did my first sit up and a half push-up in a good 18 years…just one though. My record between the elliptical/recumbant is 27 miles in 100 minutes…I lost 3 lbs that morning. It was terrible. lol

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    Joe Hell congrats! That is a big accomplishment and not fun at all! I know I hate anything to do with exercise but gotta to stay partially healthy to enjoy all this good stuff we are making now!

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    deplorablenc1 For some reason I thought I needed to go full marathon that day. It’s tough to talk myself into exercising as this is the first time I’ve done it in my life. I’ve enjoyed everything in life to the fullest of excess…no more. I partied like a rock star for over 30 years and it caught up to me in a bad way. I was on a one way path to death.

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    Joe Hell I decided to finally get back in shape a few years ago, luckily my wife decided to do that at the same time so we motivate/compete with each other, we get up every weekday morning at 4 AM to go to the gym! She is FAR more dedicated than I am though so (lucky for me!) she is the one in better shape in our marriage! As for food, I do a lot better on low low carbs and I seem to do best when I am in ketosis but the issue with that is I keep knocking myself out of ketosis with my protein consumption as through some process I am unaware of your body changes proteins into glucose. Darn bodies are double-crossing us!

    We did our blood levels through some guy who came to her work last year and I was basically perfect in everything and I don’t have any symptoms of anything that would make me think I need to go to a Dr to get anything checked. I 100% agree with you on pharmaceuticals being something to avoid. Everyone wants a pill when mostly what they need is to eat better and exercise!

    Good job on getting your health on track, it always pays off in the long run!

    deplorablenc1 Lol boycotting avocados! I’ve been trying to fit more water in but recently I have developed an addiction to Diet Canada Dry Gingerale!

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