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    Maintenance For Your Meat Mixer


    The first thing to know is that when you are disassembling your meat mixer, you do not want to unscrew the pivot knob until after you have taken out the axle. Under the pivot knob post, there are two securing screws that need to be loosened with an allen wrench; once these have been loosened, you should be able to pull the knob away from the mixer. This is going to pull the pivot pin away from the axle and give you enough room to remove the axle.

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    Pivot Knob

    Now that the axle is out, you need to unscrew the pivot knob. You can do this either by grabbing the brass pivot pin on the inside or by tightening the set screw closest to the body of the mixer. Once that is unscrewed, the brass pivot pin will come out into the mixer’s tub. Thoroughly wash everything, making sure to remove all fat and meat from all parts. You need to pay special attention to the pivot base and the slotted section on the other side of the tub. The easiest way I have found to clean these is with a pipe brush. These areas can accumulate meat, and the next time you go to use it, you will have a sanitation issue on your hands.


    Now reassemble your mixer by reversing the above steps. As you are reassembling it, you will want to tighten the inside set screw so the pivot knob will screw back in, but then don’t forget to loosen it, or your shaft will not spin. After loosening that one make sure you tighten the set screw right next to the knob to keep everything in place.

    20lb Meat Mixer Disassembly

    The first thing you will do is to unscrew the knob that holds the handle on the shaft, remove the handle, and pull the brass pin out of that hole. The pivot knob on the opposite side is a bit of a conundrum as the tighter you screw it on, the looser the pin on that side will be, so tighten it all the way, and you can see the pin moving back further into the pivot base as you do this. Once it is tightened all the way, grab the pivot knob and pull that away from the tub of the mixer and slide out the axle. Now you need to loosen the knob; as you do so, you should see the pin being pushed farther into the tub. Once it is all the way off, you can pull the pivot pin out, and the spring that is behind that will come out as well.

    20lb Meat Mixer Reassembly

    Thoroughly wash and dry everything before reassembling. Again, pay special attention to the hole on both sides of the tub; a pipe cleaner is again the best way to clean these. To reassemble, reverse this process by first pushing the pivot pin with the spring into the pivot base and screwing the knob on all the way, so as much of the pin is hidden inside the base as possible. Once you have finished reassembly, you might notice that quite a bit of the pin from the handle side is showing. You need to loosen the pivot knob until you see the base of the pin on that side come in contact with the axle.

    Mounting Meat Mixer on Grinder

    Real quick, while we have this out, you can see the gear-like pattern of the handle pin; if you remove the head on a butcher or pro series, then you see that the same pattern is repeated here behind the auger; this is how these model grinders power this mixer.

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    Good info Jonathon!

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    Hey Jonathon. Wondering if you recognize this part. Came with the 44# mixer. I’m guessing inside the gear box? Went to Weston website and found a parts blow up but was hard to tell. I have not taken gear box end apart…So far. Nice video.

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    PapaSop That looks like the seal that goes around the gear on the outside of the stuffer right where the handle goes. These usually arrive in the mixing chamber and often are not placed correctly, or cause confusion. Looking back at it, this is probably something that we should have covered but at least now it is in the comments!

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    Yep. Just looked and tried it there. Perfect fit. Thanks.

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