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    …although I could argue that my supreme pizza brats could hold their own in a throw down. Due to carb restrictions I have avoided pizza for the last 18 months but I still crave it almost daily. There is a recipe that has circulated online for years called ‘Fathead Pizza Crust’. It is made up of melted mozzarella and cream cheese and combined with an egg, almond flour a splash of vinegar and a pinch of salt. The ‘dough’ is rolled out between two pieces of parchment and par-baked before the toppings are added.

    I’ve been skeptical of this recipe but my curiosity finally got the best of me. Is it as good as the real deal…not in my opinion. BUT…it certainly does not suck! It is a very reasonable facsimile of the real thing and something I’d recommend to anyone avoiding carbs. I only wish I hadn’t been so stubborn to try it sooner. This more than satisfies my pizza fix. Perhaps next time I will top it with my supreme pizza brats because the only thing better than pizza is more pizza!

    My toppings included roasted sauerkraut, green pepper, linguica, onions and smoked pepper jack cheese. I finished it off with a drizzle of olive oil and dried oregano. Each slice has around 2.5 carbs which is a heck of a lot lower than the real deal.





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    Joe Hell Oh I am doing this! I have tried the cauliflower pizza crust before and wasnt thrilled but this sounds much better! I weant to say I see artichokes on there though and that is unforgivable! In my mind the only topping pizza needs is pepperoni. Austin will disagree with me strongly on this though!

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    Joe Hell That looks amazing! I’m drooling and starving right now…

    Everyone should just ignore Jonathon when he starts giving advice on pizza only needing pepperoni…Haha! Artichokes are amazing on pizza as well!

    I’ll have to give this a try as well. I like the alternative pizza crusts, and cauliflower is good, but I hate making it cause it makes my house smell horrible… I think this could taste better, smell better, and be a lot easier to do!

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    Jonathon I briefly considered the artichokes but didn’t want them to compete with the sauerkraut. I haven’t had any of the cauliflower crusts but my brother and dad were not impressed. I didn’t like the carb count with the cauliflower stuff. I try to keep every meal between 5-7 carbs which isn’t always easy. This recipe would make good pizza pockets or calzones, even ‘bagel’ dogs or pigs in a blanket.

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    Austin The only difficult part is while melting the mozz and cream cheese together it’s really sticky and clings to the bowl. Using the microwave method seemed easier than stove top. The only downside that I can see is that the almond flour is spendy. I can get 4 meals out of a single pizza though so it’s not too bad.

    This might upset many people but my favorite topping is pineapple…which is also off limits on the diet. Dang it. One of my favorite combos is Pineapple, Green Pepper and Pepperoni.

    My only other tip with this recipe is to roll out the crust between two pieces of parchment paper on your counter. Remove the top piece of paper and lay it on your sheet pan then lightly dust it with semolina flour prior to adding the dough to the pan. This will give you a little bit more crunch to the underside like you would find on a ‘real’ pizza.

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    Joe Hell
    Wow, that looks good. You’ll probably get a million favs on this one.
    Jonathon …just pepperoni, really?
    My favorite. Just had a craving this past Saturday. Local “Institution”, been around since mid fifties. Sammy’s Pizza. Not a low carb thing, sorry Joe.
    My goto…Sausage, mushroom and black olives. A sausage on every little square. Kinda like a religious experience.


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    PapaSop Im going to have to create a new rule where I don’t check the bragging board until noon cause these past two days have been TORTURE, seeing Pizza right away just set up my hunger for the rest of that day! Looks awesome.

    If anyone ever makes it up to Schenectady NY there is a little Italian place called Scotty’s that makes what they call the marinara pizza and it is my favorite food of all time. I have one for just myself every time I go home, I will not share a single piece of my pizza with ANYONE!

  • Change the olive oil out to the garlic flavored olive oil and you don’t find it even tastes better

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    kmoorehome I’m sure that would be a great addition! We have a dedicated Olive Oil and Vinegar store here in town…they have hundreds of flavors!

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    Same here. I always order a large just for myself. Consider it gone!

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