Meat Processing Equipment: 204 Bag & Casing Clipper

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    Meat Processing Equipment: 204 Bag & Casing Clipper

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    Anytime you are making large quantities of summer sausage one of the most difficult and sometimes annoying things is clipping them securely closed. Since the end that has the hanging string on it is also the side that is pre-tied all of the weight of your meat is going to be pushing down on the side that you need to secure. Probably the most common way to do this is with either regular or auto-load hog ring pliers but when you are doing large quantities of summer sausage this can be a pain.

    Clips faced Outward
    Works on Meat Bags


    The Bag and Casing Clipper operates from a similar design to the Max Pac Stapler. 9/16th-inch staple are loaded onto the arm with the opening facing away from the body of the stapler. Then you slide this weight over the top, this will push down the staples so that as you use the staples a new one is immediately in place for use again. The other arm of the stapler is how you close the staple. You just pull it down and it closes the securing block to keep your product in place and then press the handle down a little harder and it will push a staple down and around the neck of your product and crimp it just like a hog ring. There is a set screw on the securing block to allow you to adjust the size of the gap between the base and the securing block. This knob on the back adjusts the tension of the spring which will affect how hard it is to move the lever down. I would suggest that you leave both this and the set screw around the securing block at the factory settings unless you have a specific need to change them.

    All Purpose

    Works on a variety of Sausage casings styles and sizes. 1.5-inch fibrous casing, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and a 3-inch casing. As you can see it closes it tightly and securely without any issues and since this is the clip that will be supporting the weight of the product as it hangs this is important! It also works well on meat bags as, simply twist the bag closed, lay the neck of the bag in the opening, pull the handle and you have a sealed bag for long term storage.


    The Bag & Casing Clipper is not going to be a good investment for everyone, if you are a home processor who does 25 lb batches at a time with 2.5 lb chubs then you have to close 10 bags, you can do that with a Auto Load Hog Ring Plier without too much difficulty. However, if you are doing large batches or using very small casings then the time saved from being able to quickly and reliably close your casing or bag might be worth the investment. Also, Walton’s Bag and Casing Clipper is a quality piece of equipment at a fraction of the cost of other similar stapler type machines.

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    The video appears to be down

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    Yep, same here.

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    PapaSop and Joe Hell Sorry guys, it is fixed now. Youtube loves to change things and I didnt’t notice, it was still marked as private. It is fixed now.

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I’d second your opinion on the single hog ring pliers. I’ve only done small quantities and it’s still a major pain. The auto load pliers would be far less hassle for the average home processor.

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    I bought an auto load pliers a couple years ago. Would recommend it if you’re doing small quantities and don’t have an extra pair of hands around.

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    Anyone looking to buy hog ring pliers, be sure to buy from Waltons… I bought a Dewalt set from a local hardware store and it turns out the Dewalt pliers use an 11/16" ring that is too big to properly close a bag or casing…

    I forget the size, but the Waltons pliers use a smaller ring that is sized for this purpose

  • Hi, currently I´m using 3/8 hog ring with the manual spring plier to close my 39mm (1 1/2 inch) casing to make dog treats. The hog ring doesn´t seem to close tight enough the twist beetween the sausages.

    Currently the hog rings that im using don´t close as tight as I would like to, in order to hold the pressure of the next sausage without passing through the other one.

    The twist is about 1/10 of an inch, does the casing clipper can be set up to close a twist as small as that?. Looking forward to get a possitive response in order to buy the clipper.

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    Giuseppe Córdova Alessandria What are the casings/bags made of? Is it a natural casing or a netting or bag? I do not beleive that 1/10th of an inch will be a problem as the clip closes all the way so it needs very little material to grab onto. The only possible issue is that the clip might slide a little.

    If you’re local or want to send me a bag I will test it out for you?

  • Team Orange

    I have been looking for packaging materials for Bacon! I am tired of cutting up butcher paper to fit in the vac bags, not getting it just the right size and having it to short to long fiddling with it and wasting time! Is there a resource for packing supplies for things like bacon out there that the public can buy from?

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    Miket482000 deli wrap might be worth checking out though it is a little pricey depending on how much you do but other than that I cant think of anything that you could use.

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