• I just ordered the super bind. Hopefully it will get here in time. If not I have carrot fiber onhand.

    What about the seasoning?

  • Team Blue

    @slotown I will generally add fresh peppers, onions and fresh herbs into my second grind to boost flavor.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User Kansas

    @slotown Beer Brat is a good choice when making an all pork brat, I am not sure how it will do 50/50 with wild turkey. When I do wild game I tend to like to add a stronger tasting seasoning and Beer Brat, while very good, is more on the mild side. You could add a strong tasting beer to add some more kick to it. I wouldn’t use an IPA, Ive never had good luck cooking with them, a Barleywine style ale or maybe even a stout might work well though!

  • Regular Contributors

    It should be ok, you may need to increase the fat percentage or add binder. it will get dry if you don’t. good luck

  • Thai peanut sausage!!!
    Not to change your plans but, I did this with pheasant and it was great.
    I found this recipe online.

    3.5 lbs poultry
    1.5 cups salted & roasted peanuts
    1 cup Sticky, short-grain rice
    3/4 cup Coconut milk
    3 Tbs green onions, finely chopped (45g)
    1/4 cup Chopped Garlic (36g)
    1 cup Chopped Cilantro (35g)
    30g Kosher Salt
    22g Brown Sugar
    6 tsp Hot Chili-garlic sauce (‘Rooster’-brand)-add more if HOT is desired
    1 Tbs Sesame oil
    6g fresh ground black pepper
    5.5g Ground Galangal (option: ground ginger)
    24mm or 28mm sheep casings

    Cook & cool rice first.
    Bone chicken, reserving all meat, fat AND skin. Chill until partially frozen.
    Grind chicken with rice and peanuts through medium plate (4.5mm).
    Add salt, coconut milk & green onions to mixture; mix well.
    Add remaining ingredients & mix thoroughly until sticky paste is formed.
    Stuff into casings; tie off into 4.0" links. Air dry until casing are dry to touch.

    I sous vide mine to 150deg for 2hrs. Then brown before serving.

  • Team Blue

    Tommyd I’m so doing that! I love Thai Peanut EVERYthing!

  • Joe Hell
    It is good.
    We like to serve a chub on a small bed of rice next to 4-5 bang bang shrimp.

    Everyone loves it.

  • Jonathon Superbind came in just in time. Total meat weight is 11 pounds. How much should I mix in? Instructions on bag is a bizarre % which I don’t understand. Thanks.

  • @slotown Morning… The directions say, 3#'s binds 100 #'s of meat… Soooo, that’s 3% … As this is your first usage, I would recommend 2 1/2% so you can get a feel for the product… To figure out the 2 1/2% amount… 11#'s X 0.025 = 0.275#'s of Superbind… 0.275 X 16 oz/lb = 4.4 oz… 4.4 x 28.35 gms per ounce = 125 grams… If you switch to the metric system, things get easier, but you will need a grams scale… 11#'s x 454 = 4,994 grams or 5,000 grams is really close enough… then multiply 5,000 x 0.025 = 125 grams… A small grams scale can be had from Amazon… I recommend a 0-100 gram range for accurate cure weighing… about $12… I looked and didn’t see one available from Walton’s…

  • Team Blue

    daveomak I go the metric route myself. I will do the calculations and write them on the packages as soon as I receive my order. It sure simplifies the process!

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