• I am going to make a 25# batch of Waltons Bold and 25 # batch of Colorado jerky I will be using equal parts deer pork and beef . I will then stuff into Wilsons 2.9" × 24" fibrous casings . I will then nearly freeze the meat filled casings then slice about 1/4" thick little medallions and then dry them in our dehydrator.
    I have made this before everyone loved them. I also make snack sticks and cook them in my smoker .
    My question is I was thinking of adding some liquid smoke to the jerky since their is no smoke in my dehydrator but how much should I add to a 25# batch?

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    Papa Gale
    I’m assuming that you are using Liquid Smoke from waltonsinc.com
    Because, usage levels may vary between different liquid smoke products and all are not made equal.
    0.75 oz is used per 25 lb of meat. That would equate to approximately 0.05lb

    The amount of liquid smoke you use is very small as it is very potent.

    When I make product in a dehydrator and I want smoke flavor, I use and recommend Hickory Smoke Powder, instead of liquid smoke. The Hickory Smoke Powder comes in a 1oz package and that 1oz package is used for 25lb of meat, so it makes it easier to just put the whole package into a 25lb batch instead of having to measure out liquid smoke.

    If you don’t already have the liquid smoke, you might consider trying the hickory smoke powder instead, but either is perfectly acceptable to use.

    Let us know if you have any other questions! Good luck on your processing and I hope it turns out great!

  • Austin thank you for your quick and informative reply I have not heard about the hickory smoke powder sounds awsome. Next time I place an order I will add it to my list thank you.

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