• I am going to make some Canadian goose polish sausage and to make the sausage juicy would you add pork butt and pork fat? Any suggestions on ratios using goose? I am not going to smoke the polish so would I still need to add cure? Thanks in advance.

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    scottwaltner Good questions! First on the cure, if you are not going to smoke it I would not add any cure. It isn’t going to hurt anything but it isn’t needed. I would also not mix it as thoroughly as you would if you were going to smoke it, leave it more like a bratwurst texture.

    If you are going to use pork butt then I would recommend you go 50/50 depending on how fatty your goose is, some of them can have a surprising amount of fat but generally they are somewhere in the 10% so 50/50 with pork butt will be ok. If you are going to use straight pork then I would say about 20% pork fat. Remember to mix either the pork butt or fat during the grinding process.

    One other thing I would recommend is you use a binder like Sure Gel or Super Bind or if you dont want to use one of those then Carrot Fiber works really well to increase the water holding capacity of your meat. If you try this and still find it too dry then I would recommend looking at this post for seeing how using Cold Phosphate can help https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/415/how-to-make-a-juicy-homemade-turkey-bratwurst

    Good luck and as always we want to see pics!

  • Jonathon thanks for the information. The goose breasts I have are very lean. Is there a binder you prefer? I’ve never used a binder before, do I mix it in when I am grinding?

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    scottwaltner I like to add the binder when I am mixing the meat, if you add it during the grinding process it is going to make cleanup of your grinder very hard. I think I would recommend the Carrot Fiber to you as you aren’t going to smoke them and the Carrot Fiber does a great job in holding water, the Sure Gel and the Super Bind would be a little better for a cured product but for a fresh product I think it would be overkill. If you aren’t concerned with the price then I would use the Super Bind, it is the best binder we have (in my opinion) but it is also the most expensive.

  • Jonathon thanks or all your help Jonathon, I will send photos when I get them stuffed.

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