• What is everyone’s opinion on meat types for snack sticks?? Beef or pork?? Then do you ever use a different fat or if you use beef, then you use beef fat??

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    nthcbr954 I like using 100% pork for snack sticks. Ive made them from beef and from 50/50 beef and pork but I just find that pork works best. Oddly, I think I like wild game, like venison, more than I like beef too. The issue with using wild game is that it is usually so low in fat that you have to add pork fat.

    If you are using beef you can add pork fat as it is a better fat for sausage but you dont need to. If you do add pork fat then I would recommend you use a cut of beef with little intramuscular fat so you can accurately calculate the amount of fat in your product. You want to be in the 70/30 range in your snack sticks.

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    I agree with Jonathon.
    Just to add a couple thoughts. I have made snack sticks from pork, beef, and a combination of different wild game and domestic meats. Dependending on the texture you prefer there are combination variables. Grind of meat, selection of meat blends, lean to fat ratios, and use of binders. Not to mention the seasoning blends and their inherent functionality. It can get expensive experimenting so I would recommend listening to the folks at Walton’s, and the Meatgistics f***m. You will be able to to make awesome products and begin to customize your products to the " secret treasured recipes ". I have stepped my game up with the help and information that has been offered, at no cost, on this f***m. Thanks to all

  • Hi Guys, Very very new with Snack Sticks. Will be using pork but have a question concerning the fat. Having been considering pork fat but my local health food store manager suggested Duck Fat. OK, OK, need the benefit of your opinions. Thank you in advance. Maybe that question opens another query, what L/F ratio should I consider.
    My best regards, Tommy

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    Ode -Tom most any fat will work, to me, duck fat is a little oily and may not set up very well as a particulate in the snack stick. You can prove me wrong… I like 80/20 lean to fat ratio. Hope this helps…

  • Hi Dave. Tks for your reply, Yeah, I’m gonna stick (pun intended) with my original recipe plan. 100% pork, 80/20 ratio, and this first part is a done deal. My next step is to decide which Snack Stick to start with. I plan on doing a 10 lb. batch and cutting into ratios to fit the 25 lb. recipe. Any good and easy trials out there to get my feet wet. BTW, I am very thick skinned.
    My best regards. Tommy

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    Ode -Tom I guess that I would begin with Willie’s snack stick seasoning. I have had great success with the Walton’s sure gel. It helps create a great stick with a good snap.

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    Dave R the process is as important as the formula. I advise that you follow the instructions and make adjustments to the process and recipe. Keep the meat cold as you grind, mix and stuff it. Check out the videos from Walton’s to get the specifics for snack sticks. Wish you the best.

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    Ode -Tom Duck fat is one of the very few other fats that have similar amounts of creaminess as pork fat, not as good in my opinion but close. The major advantage is that pork fat is so easy and cheap where duck fat will take some digging, I obviously don’t know but it sort of sounds like this guy was trying to sell you something BUT he isnt wrong, if you are going to use duck fat you will be happy with the result, just remembeer, as Dave R says duck fat is a little more oily than pork fat.

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    nthcbr954 I prefer Beef and wild game for the meat block. Pork is great to, however it create a softer finished product. I like a good snap in my sticks. Likewise I will try to use beef fat, usual trim from my briskets. I like pork and pork fat better in other smoked sausages though.

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