• I’ve brined thick cut pork chops before using about 1/4 cup kosher salt and 1/4 cup white sugar in a gallon of water. Now I have learned here that cold phosphate will increase the juiciness. How much cold phosphate do I add to the gallon of water?

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    roosterndad Instead of basing it on the amount of water I would recommend that you base it on the amount of meat you are brinning. The ratio will be 2 oz of cold phosphate to 25 lb of meat. Do not go far beyond this or you could end up with a slightly soapy taste.

  • Jonathon Thanks for the feedback. I’m confused how to measure since I’m putting 1 or 2 thick chops (maybe 1 3/4 lb total) in a gallon tub of water/brine. Seems I should put the phosphate in in an amount based on the gallon of water to create a certain chemical concentration. It seems to me I’d want the same chemical concentration in the gallon of water regardless of whether there was 2 pounds of meat or 10 pounds of meat. Can you explain?

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    roosterndad When I use the Pa’s Soluble Black Bull I will mix one gallon at a time but I do not add the cold phosphate ahead of time. Last night I started a Sous Vide deli style roast beef and added the recommended rate of phosphate based on the meat weight then dissolved in the amount of liquid I wanted to use for the injection/marinade. The total amount of liquid was just shy of two cups.

  • roosterndad That’s correct… Base your additions on the weight of the meat and weight of the brine… May I suggest you reduce the brine amount to 50% the weight of the meat… Now you have ~2#'s chops and ~1# of water… Add all the extra ingredients based on 3#'s of stuff… You will need to use a zip bag…

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    roosterndad If you are looking for a ratio of cold phosphate to water then you would want to use .5 of a lb to 9.5 lb of water, this would be enough for 100 lb of meat at a 10% pump ratio, which would be the correct amount. So if you are doing a 10 lb batch it would .05 of cold phosphate and .95 of a lb of water.

    I normally don’t add cold phosphate by itself, I am adding it to an injection solution that I have already calculated the water for so I just add in the cold phosphate to that solution at the ratio of 2 oz per 25 lb of meat.

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