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    Thai Pork

    Thai Pork

    Learn how to make Thai Pork with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

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    Prep & Ingredients

    This is a dish that is best served over rice but can be served over pasta or just by itself as well. You are going to need a pork tenderloin, some scallions or green onions, some peanut oil & maybe some sesame oil, some ginger, garlic, one cup each of soy sauce, sherry and white wine a well as a cup of water. I like to add some of the sriracha ginger beer rub and some garlic pepper as well. A tablespoon of each of those is about right. Also, you will want some bell peppers and you can add some snow peas if you want to.

    Take your pork loin and cut off the silver skin if there is any and just generally trim it up. I like to have it partially frozen as this makes cutting just a little easier. Now slice it in half lengthwise and then slice that in half, then slice it in half again until you are down to basically thick shoelace size.


    Mix your water, soy sauce, sherry and white win in a bowl. Then add some grated ginger and minced garlic (just about a half a shot glass will work for both of those) a teaspoon of black pepper and a tablespoon of the Sriracha Ginger and the Garlic Pepper. Add your pork slices and let it marinate for 15 minutes, no longer than that. Now heat a pan or wok and add a teaspoon of peanut oil and a teaspoon of minced ginger and garlic and a pinch of pepper. We chose peanut oil because it has a relatively high smoke point and once your oil ha[censored] that point it can leave a bitter taste.

    Now grab a handful of your pork and throw it in the hot pan and stir fry for 2 minutes, after about 2 minutes move it to a separate bowl and cover it. Now add another 1/2 teaspoon of peanut oil and keep repeating this until all of your pork has been done.

    Slice your peppers into thin pieces and add them to the pan and cook for about 5 minutes. Now add the pork with any juice it has in the bowl back into the pan and toss and cook for about 1 minute so everything is nice and hot.


    Ladle it over a bowl of rice, it should have more than enough juice left over to season the rice to the point where you don’t need any sauce but if you want you can add a drizzle of sesame oil here. The reason we didn’t use the sesame oil to cook is that unrefined sesame oil has a really low smoke point to it and again, once that oil burns on you it will go bitter and destroy your dish. it has a low smoke point but we really like the taste of it so I want to get that flavor in here somehow. If you do want to add something then some sriracha garnishing squeeze onto it. Serve with a nice dry white wine or an IPA to help cut through the intense flavors.

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  • Team Blue

    Sounds great man! If you like the sesame oil you should try the Sun Luck Chili Oil! I’ll take this recipe for a spin before too long…omitting the rice of course. My wok set up is too big for indoors, not to mention far too dangerous. lol A screaming hot is crucial for proper wok cooking. I use Avocado oil these days for all of my high heat cooking. With a smoking point of over 500 degrees it is the king of frying oils IMO.

  • Regular Contributors

    Jonathon sounds great, I’m going to try the recipe this week

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