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    I have a friend in the market for a new gas grill, $1,500 is thier budget? What gas grill would everyone buy for that money?

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    Tex_77 I would buy several!!! Pellet, charcoal, gas, Komodo!!! Craigslist is ripe with decent grills right now! I just ordered a Pit Boss today to help round out the arsenal. I just need the offset smoker and a Komodo!

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    Tex_77 I am marking this unread for me so I can respond in more detail but I have to ask, does your friend also have a smoker? If not Id recommend he go with a pellet combo, so many uses and I think it gives a better flavor than gas. Let me know!

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    Jonathon I tend to agree. Pellet grill/smokers do a fantastic job and temps are easy to control depending on the overall insulation of the smoker and outdoor temps. I can’t wait to dive deep into my new pellet grill. I don’t mind gas grills overall but there is something to be said about a clean fire. Taking those factors into consideration there is a perfect bbq or grilling tool for everyone. There are many bang for the buck options out there!

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    Jonathon She does not have a smoker, and aren’t interested in one, as they don’t liked smoked meat. Crazy I know. The grill they are replacing is a Vermont Castings grill that I guess is 20 or so years old, so they are looking for quality and longevity. They only want a gas grill. It’s not a matter of economics for them, it’s simply their preference.

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    Tex_77 lol. That is crazy! My advice in that sense is to pick something with a cast iron grill plate and the ability to achieve offset cooking. I’ve never had that kind of budget for a single cooking apparatus but from my own experience cast iron grill plates are where it’s at. It seems easier to clean overall and holds heat well. Powder coated grates don’t seem to have the longevity. Weber gas grills will long outlive competitors with proper maintenance but Charbroil has some great alternatives for a fraction of the price. Replacement parts for high end grills are costly to say the least. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to own any of the gas grills offered by Walton’s.

  • Joe Hell “Don’t like smoked meats?!?!?” Sacrilege, I cry!! On THIS website! Oh, my. The vapors are a comin’. Ah, well; we have a friend who doesn’t appreciate smoke flavor either. They have a Weber gas grill that does very well for them too. Me, I stick with my Yoder YS640 and our Weber 20 inch kettle. smh “don’t like smoked meats” HUH

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    KansasDad My mom is anti smoke as well. I can rarely change her mind…brisket is the only exception. I would like to spend some time with a Yoder for sure. They look like a quality product! I am over the moon in regards to my Weber kettle. I should have bought one years ago.

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    Tex_77 Witha budget like that there are a ton of options they could go with! I agree with Joe on the cast iron grill grates, I’d also look for them to be reversible, where one side ends in a “V” and the other side is wider and possibly have a little divot in it. Broil King does this and I think a few other. I would also look for something with a cooking cabinet made from a heavy-duty material, it will help holding consistent heat. You also want them to look at something with enough burners that are high quality.

    The Regal S590 has been getting a lot of love recently.

    Weber has a large selection of quality grills

    I’ve never cooked on it but a friend has a Napoleon Grill that he raves about.

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    Oh, and also ask them if they want to hook up to their natural gas at the house.

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    Jonathon They live out in the country, so I think there only option is propane. For longevity, I was looking at steering them toward BroilMaster or MHP grills. I don’t have any experience with Broil King grills, but I do see they are well reviewed. In my opinion I think Weber grills have dropped in quality over the years. I have seen Napoleon Grills a lot lately, but don’t know many people that have them.

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    I had a Vermont casting years ago was a nice grill. A few years ago I bought a Weber (Sprit) , 3 burner, now if you like steaks this thing pegs the 600deg. thermometer out plus some in 6 or 7 minutes, drop a steak on it for a couple minutes and flip then put up high till med rare mmm. Plus you can cook slow. We like it a lot, but still do a lot of smoking…

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    Well I found a heck of deal on Facebook for this bad boy!

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    Tex_77 That looks like a great setup! Ceramic is something I’ve been looking for a good deal on. Craigslist is ripe for the pickings right now!

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    Tex_77 We used to carry that model, I never cooked on it but I imagine it works extremely well. Ceramics are nice for their ability to hold heat for long periods of time and how they get seasoned with use. My only issue with them is the length of time to set up and clean, I am always rushing too much to use them!

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    Jonathon I had the same thought on the cleaning/setup as well. It will take some planning ahead for sure, but I have other grills if I’m in a hurry. I’m told I may have a “grill” problem. Hopefully I will have it cleaned up and ready to cook on this weekend.

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    Tex_77 What a coincidence. I was accused of having the same problem last weekend. I kind of like the longer process when it comes to any cooking. It keeps me busy and focused!


  • Joe Hell Joe, that’s not a problem, that’s Choices!! You have your choice on how you want to cook, gas, pellet or charcoal. What kind of flavor are your trying to achieve? You NEVER want to limit yourself. 😉

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    KansasDad I agree! I don’t think I’m ever looking for one profile. Much of it comes down to what night of the week I am cooking. For weekends it’s all about the smoker or open fire pit. I love charcoal for the flavor and the baby Weber gets used when cooking for one or I really want to sear the c**p out of something! The gas grill has so many burners that offset cooking is super simple and it works great for rotisserie. With temps at over 600 it can make quick work of a pizza and the optional deep fryer is often fun!

    I’d still like to get an offset smoker and a ceramic grill. I’m as curious about the process and mastering the tool as much as anything! I would really, really like to try my hand at using a La Caja China for pig roasting!

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    Well I can tell you I’m a big Weber fan. I got the Weber Charcoal Summit instead of the big green egg…i’m not mature enough to own a piece of pottery that big or expensive! For simple go gas, more fun/flavor go charcoal. Most people are in such a hurry and just like the ease of gas. Facebook marketplace or CL is a great place to shop for one!

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