• I’m curious, has anyone ever used any of the Excalibur jerky or snack stick/sausage seasonings to cure a pork belly to make bacon? I make a lot of bacon but am wanting to expand to some different flavors.

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    fatsnacks I’ve never done it and you will run into a few “issues” none of which will cause you too many problems or make it not worth doing!

    The first issue is that you are going to have a heck of a time getting the ingoing nitrites correct. For injected bacon, the parts per million (ppm) of bacon is 120 and for a dry rub, it is 200. They have done this because there is some evidence that cured meat that has been chared can be a carcinogen IF the ingoing ppm is above those levels. So, to be clear if your ingoing ppm of nitrite is under those thresholds then feel free to char away (within reason of course) and you will be fine.

    If you are planning on using an Excalibur Jerky or Snack stick then the cure will come alongside with the seasoning, not already mixed in and that will help to make the calculations a little easier. You get 1 oz of sure cure which is 6.25% nitrite so a 1 oz package is .0625 of an oz of nitrites and then you have to figure out how much bacon you are going to be using it on.

    The next “issue” would taste. You have the possibility of way over seasoning bacon if you are using a jerky or snack stick seasoning. Bacon Cures, believe it or not, are very mild tasting as compared to a cured sausage. If you are interested in trying this I think it is going to take some experimenting. I’m not saying it couldn’t be good but it might take a few trials to get it dialed in!

  • Jonathon thank you for the response! I figured it would probably be pretty intensely seasoned if I used the same ratio as recommended for jerky. I’ll experiment with a little less seasoning and maybe cut in some dark brown sugar to balance it out!

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    fatsnacks And when you do it please let us know how it comes out! I’ve rubbed a few bellies with 5 Pepper blend or jalapenos to add some flavor but Ive never tried a jerky seasoning so i am interested!

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