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    Good morning all,

    I used to be able to purchase maple bacon from Costco that had an elevated level of maple flavoring and it was most likely the best bacon I have ever had. You could smell the maple when it cooked and taste it when eating it.

    I have tried maple bacon cure from other sources and it never has the amount of maple flavor that I am trying to achieve. It simply tastes like regular bacon.

    I want to try your Blue Ribbon Maple Bacon Cure but am wondering:

    A) Does it have much maple flavor

    B) IS there a suggested way of adding additional maple flavoring? I have tried adding maple flavor to the ones I have previously used with little success. The bacon was ok but no maple flavor.

  • Team Blue

    wvhunter1965 I can’t answer specifically on the cure but I would think that during the smoking process you could easily apply a maple glaze. I would suggest using a quality pure maple syrup rather than your average syrup for pancakes.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User Kansas Dry Cured Sausage

    wvhunter1965 Like Joe said adding 100% pure Maple Syrup is the best way to go about that. If you are looking for a strong maple taste then I would suggest adding some if you are using the Blue Ribbon Maple Cure, we have a lot of commercial processors who do this to up the amount of maple. Now, a lot of people say that Maple is really more of a scent than it is a taste and when you “taste” maple you are really smelling it, so maybe adding some maple sugar, along with the already present maple flavor in the cure is an easier way to go!

  • Johnathan already hit the mark that I was going to make about possibly using Maple Sugar (which is Maple Syrup cooked down to just the sugar) to the cure. It will then have longer time to be infused into the meat. Adding Maple to the smoke, I don’t think will make any difference. In fact, I don’t think that smoking this bacon is wise, as you will be covering up the Maple taste/smell that you are looking for.

  • Team Blue Canning Green Mountain Grill

    Thanks guy’s! Will take all this into consideration.

    May also add a little maple flavoring to the injection liquid before injecting and see what that produces!

    Will post the results when it is done!

  • Team Blue

    wvhunter1965 I would also recommend the real syrup as opposed to the flavoring in your injection. Extract can be overpowering even in small amounts.

  • Joe Hell The darker the maple syrup is the stronger the taste

  • Team Blue

    ucwp5678 That’s a good point! A darker variety maple would make for a great glaze!

  • Yearling

    wvhunter1965 McCormick has a maple flavoring that you can buy at Walmart. I add it to my maple Habanero summer sausage and snack sticks and it seems to increase the flavor a good bit. I also add extra brown sugar. Maybe it will give you similar results with your bacon.

  • Team Blue Canning Green Mountain Grill

    So i have finally had time to use the Waltons Blue Ribbon Maple Bacon Cure and it is fantastic. I have not yet tried adding additional maple flavor of any sort but just wanted to at least give a thumbs up to Waltons for their cure!

    Will update when I try the maple flavoring!

  • years back I would take bacon lay it flat and sprinkle it with brown sugar and pure maple syrup and bake it. It was great on a BLT…It was a quick fix for catering

  • One item to try that seems to aid in great sweet success, rub true molasses (not blackstrap) to belly prior to applying cure. I recently started using it more around items I would like to sweeten up some. It seems to provide that great sweet flavor that one is typically seeking out. To aid efforts beyond that is adding some cracked black pepper (between molasses and cure) to recipe, makes it seem like Heaven on Earth. Enjoy!!

  • Team Blue

    SmokeDaddy I bet the molasses would pair very well with rum for a glaze. I experimented this weekend with a ‘hot toddy’ bacon glaze using whiskey, honey and lemon zest!

  • Yearling

    Joe Hell The dark, robust pure maple syrup is from the first of the season. As the season goes on, the tree produces lighter, less flavored maple syrup. At least that is what I read when researching maple tree rendering of syrup.

  • Team Blue

    KLee Sweet! (Literally speaking) I’m going to seek out some serious maple syrup based on your suggestion. I’ve seen many in the last couple of years that are aged in whiskey barrels…there is no way that wouldn’t enhance bacon, ham, chops, etc… It’s pretty easy to obtain toasted oak chips, cubes or small used whisky barrels these days for home production.

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