Pit Boss 770FB first impressions...

  • Team Blue

    A brief backstory on the poppers. I was intrigued by the concept of the smoked cream cheese after a post by Jonathon so I split two bricks in half and cold smoked for an hour and then packaged and refrigerated for a couple of weeks.

    It turned out to be a bit heavy handed on the smoke but that might just be my personal preference. I took one of the packages and whipped that with a full package of non-smoked cream cheese and blended with grated cheddar and chopped pickled peppers…stuffed, wrapped in bacon and skewered for the grill. I went with the Weber on that one and paired with the Chorizo giving them a light smoking with Apple chunks. They turned out amazing. Everyone exclaimed they were the best popper they’ve had. The ones lucky enough to enjoy a bun piled it on high with sliced Chorizo and the cheesy pepper!


  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Joe Hell That burrito looks great except for those two words…“low carb”😱 🤣

  • Team Blue

    PapaSop Yeah. They aren’t terrible but they aren’t ‘authentic’. I’m growing white and blue heirloom Mexican corn this year exclusively for scratch made tortillas. One of these days I’ll be able to phase a few things back into my diet in limited quantities. A real tortilla is high on the list.

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Joe Hell 👍 Haha. Yep, just giving you some grief😀 . Fantastic things you’re doing! Everything looks great!

  • Power User Canning Team Orange Regular Contributors Veteran Masterbuilt

    Joe Hell you mentioned pickled peppers I home canned about 20 pints last year not to many people know what they are, and on a side note I have a tortilla press also and they taste the best

  • Team Blue

    craigrice I’ve always liked pickled peppers of any variety but lately I’ve been devouring them. Any time you can introduce an acidic element to a meal it’s a good thing in my opinion. I planted an ambitiously sized garden this year with a focus on peppers, tomatoes, corn and herbs. I will be canning and dehydrating everything I can!

  • Team Blue

    Joe Hell great looking 1st cook on the new pellet grill.

  • Team Blue

    macsinsac it’s been fun so far! I had a hard time sleeping over the weekend thinking about everything I will be cooking on this grill!

  • Team Blue

    Last night I went through the cleaning procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the ease of the process. Remove grates, scrape the heat shield with a metal spatula and vacuum the ashes and debris underneath. It only took a few minutes and there was an astonishingly small amount of ash. After two weeks of almost daily grilling and going through 20 lbs or more of pellets the total accumulation was around one cup of ash. The pellets burn so efficiently that there is little to no residual.

  • Team Blue

    These lamb chops turned out perfect!

    I made a quick marinade with balsamic, avocado oil, fresh rosemary, garlic, onion flakes, a pinch of red pepper, salt and and a generous amount of pepper. I seasoned the meat and vacuum sealed for about an hour and a half. Before grilling I patted them dry and cooked for about 30 minutes at 225 then used the sear feature to give them some color.


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