Excalibators Cajun and Deer Sausage

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    Made a small 7# batch of deer sausage using the Cajun unit mix. It is a 70/30 deer,30% pork fat. The deer was about 6months in vac.seal in the freezer, the last for the year. My fat was getting a little old looking think it was when I bought it to. Plus I over stuffed my first 18in of my 32mm collagen case to the point they won’t twist. Second round was better.
    The Cajun flavor was not as strong as I expected as of yet. I added 1/3 cup ground jalapenos, 1tb coriander,1tb of paprika, and 1tb cayenne. The deer flavor came through heavy and not any heat. I tasted a fried patty after mixing. I’d say it’s OK, not great, not really good but almost. No loss its going to get eating for sure…deer sag mix.jpg
    I believe that with just pork the Cajun will be excellent.deer sag.jpg deer stuffing.jpg stuffed sag.jpg

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    tarp This brings up a good point/tip, if you are making something out of deer (any wild game to some extent but I think more so with deer) you might want to up the seasoning to meat ratio. Nothing too drastic, if you were planning on making a 25 lb batch maybe make a 20 lb batch. Just my $.02

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    No doubt I forgot I had been doing that. My memory is good just short.lol

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