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    Best Hot Dog Ever?

    Gourmet Hot Dogs

    Learn how to make Gourmet Hot Dogs with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Grinding Meat
    Stuffing Hot Dogs
    Tied Off Casings

    Meat Mix

    Our hot dogs are going to be made from about 50% beef chuck, 50% Pork Butt and we will be adding some beef bone marrow for flavor and for fat. Then we’ve got a bunch of great toppings to add some extra zip to it. We will be splitting this into 2 batches, for one we will use the Hot Dog & Bologna Seasoning and for the other, we will be using Cheeseburger Cheddarwurst.


    Make sure you keep everything super cold through this process, with how we are going to grind this it is more important than usual. We will grind together the beef, pork and bone marrow and we will do it 3 times, first through a 3/8 plate and then twice more through a 1/8" plate. If you have time to toss your meat back into the freezer between the 2nd and 3rd grind I would recommend that.


    Now we are going to mix our seasoning, super bind, cure, sodium erythorbate (so we can smoke these today) and for the cheeseburger cheddarwurst one we are going to add some hi-temp cheese. If you want to make this a fresh product you can skip the cure and sodium erythorbate, just remember you will have to grill or cook them quickly, you can’t do a slow cook. Once we have everything mixed in and have good protein extraction we are going to start stuffing it.


    We are using the 26mm cellulose casings for this. They are the right size for hot dogs and you can buy them in single strands, each strand is 29 feet long and can hold about 30 lb of meat. This is an inedible casing, so we need to peel it after it has been cooked. So we can have a nice looking skinless hotdog with the casing marks on the end we want to tie them tightly between each link.


    130° for 30 Minutes W/Smoke
    160° for 30 Minutes W/Smoke
    175 until internal temp is 145° W/Smoke
    175° until internal temp is 160° W highest relative humidity possible
    Ice Bath or Shower for 20 minutes

    Wrap Up

    Remove casing from hot dog, after cooling you can usually remove them simply by squeezing on one end, the hotdog should push out the other size with relative ease. If not then make a very shallow slit along the casing and peel it off.

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    Watch WaltonsTV: Gourmet Hot Dogs?

    Hi-Temp Cheese

    Hi-Temp Cheese

    Montreal Patty Mix

    Cheeseburger Cheddarwurst Seasoning
  • Team Blue

    Omergosh…soooo hungry

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Joe Hell The one with the palmetto cheese, jalapeno, bacon and Sriracho Aioli was the best! Something about that cheese with those other ingredients just complimented each other perfectly and I just happened to see a big jar of it as I was walking through Sam’s, so glad I grabbed it!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I was going to mention that dog specifically but I was overcome with hunger! I recently missed out on a buffalo chopper at a local auction for $150! That would have been a great tool for hot dogs!

  • Regular Contributors

    Great information and awesome looking product!

  • Team Grey Sous Vide Canning Dry Cured Sausage Masterbuilt PK100

    How much bone marrow did you end up using in the meat block??? Those bad boys look tasty !!!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Mcjagger Sorry, I don’t remember the exact amount but I can tell you it was the marrow from 8 total small bones for 4 lb. The bones are about 1-2" “high” and about 3-4" in diameter.

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