• Jonathon
    I am for one am anti-pink slime person. Well our government on February 2019 renamed pink slime to textured beef. The term pink slime was to appalling. Click on the link below. For source of information


  • Team Blue

    Denny lol. There is nothing appealing about that term but renaming it as ‘textured beef’ is kinda ‘slimy’

  • Regular Contributors

    While I agree I’d never want to eat something called “pink slime”, I have, on multiple occasions used the product “transglutalaminase” to basically stick a few pieces of meat together to form a solid chunk.

    Most recently I wanted to make “turkey roll lunchmeat”, so I de-boned a turkey, brined it and prior to stuffing it in a 4.5" fibrous casing, coated the meat liberally with “moo-glu”, a trade name used to sell the tg powder.

    I then smoked the roll for about 8 hrs. to IT of 130f… I immediatly (upon pulling from the smoker) vac sealed the 5 lb roll and placed it in the SV @ 165 for about 2 hrs till the IT hit 165.

    After an ice water bath, and chilling in the fridge for 24 hours I thin sliced the entire roll and re- vac-packed in 2/3 lb portions (about 2 nice sized sandwiches per pkg) for the freezer…

    The Moo Glu did a great job of creating a bond between the individual pieces of meat in the casing, and created a very solid roll of meat that held together through the slicing, re-packing and even sandwich making phases… In certain operations such as this I highly recommend the product…

    On the other hand, (and this was liable to have been errors on my part), I tried doing a turkey roll once in the past where I ran the meat through the grinder then mixed to emulsification, adding TG while mixing… Then packed in casings and finished similarly to above… I found the texture to be spongy and not at all pleasing… although my dog enthusiastically did not agree…

  • Team Blue

    raider2119 I’d like to give the Moo Gloo a shot one of these days. Deli meat is ridiculously expensive!

  • Regular Contributors

    Joe Hell TG isn’t cheap either, but you can google to find it in smaller quantities under trade names of Moo Gloo or Activa RM.

    My hot button to make my own was to try creating my own flavor profile for the turkey… I may be just slightly biased, but this is by far the best tasting smoked turkey I have ever had…

    Only thing I would do different next time is that I would not use the dark meat in the roll…

  • Team Blue

    raider2119 Turkey deli meat is my motivator as well!

  • Regular Contributors

    Joe Hell LOL, Thanksgiving is coming… and those $.39 cent per lb. turkeys are hard to pass by!!!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    raider2119 Yeah I was shocked at how expensive it was! We looked at getting some for Deli Meat 201, 202, etc., but we just did not want to spend the money for something we didnt think our customers would be willing to pay for.

  • Regular Contributors

    Jonathon , The cost is pretty high for those small quantity packages, It’s actually not that expensive when purchased in bulk…

  • Regular Contributors

    “LFTI” lean finely textured beef, is an excellent product and is a system used to reclaim good lean beef from fat. this is product that would have been lost. It is safe and fine for you. In fact, it is used as a small percentage in most products because it is so lean. it is from inspected meat from inspected facilities. Most people who complain wouldn’t eat a rib–eye anyway. TG is an excellent product to use and it works amazingly

  • Departing Contestant I agree with you, the term “Pink Slime” was coined by “Journalists” who had an agenda. I am sure that they heard employees using the term (non of us ever used derogatory terms at our professions) and exploded it. Butchers used those cuts for decades/?centuries? for ground meat to lower the lean meat/fat ratio. So to decry processing plants for using these cuts to increase profits I think is unfair in the least.

    On another topic, I think Jonathon should do a class on TG as I would be interested in it too.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    KansasDad Ill bring it up with Austin today!

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