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  • Hi All,
    I am just starting to get into sausage making. The first few batches I made looked ok but when i went to grill it the sausages were bursting on the end that I linked. I am trying to perfect it so i can sell it in a local retail store however the seems like the casing shrinks when i grill it and meat is coming out of both ends which does not look nice. Any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a yarn linker but not sure if that will solve the problem

    Thanks guys

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    imran Are you using collagen or natural casings?

  • Austin hi, I was using collagen casing

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    imran Collagen casings have many advantages over natural casings, however one of the major drawbacks is that they do not keep a twist as well as the natural sheep, or hog casings will. There are a few things you can try to fix this though.

    First, make sure you are not overstuffing them, if they are spilling out of both ends then you might be overstuffing them, try loosening up your grip on the casings so they flow off of the horn a little easier.

    Second, you can try getting a partial freeze on the sausage after you twist them but before you cut them. This will allow them to stay closed a little better through the twisting and packaging process.

    Third, cook them at lower temperatures, this is especially important at the beginning of the cooking process. If you are adding cure and doing a cured sausage then you can try starting the cooking process around 120° and then stepping it up, if you are making a fresh sausage then just try keeping the temperature of your grill lower throughout.

    Let us know what product you are making (Fresh or Cured) what casing (Fresh or Clear collagen) what seasoning what meatblock, what binders (if any) how you are cooking them (what temp is the grill at?) and post some pictures showing the issue. Does it sort of look like a small light bulb starts coming out of ends?

  • Jonathon thank you very much. I will try what you told me in the next batch. I will be using a new vegan casing that is kosher and halal friendly for our customers. The casing is yet to arrive. I don’t plan on using binders or cure, just simple fresh ingredients at least that’s the plan. I will update more once I get the casing and make new batch. Really appreciate the detail reply

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