Hi from Brazil. New Smoker in here.

  • Wazup? I’m in the streets with my mini foodtruck

    I never been in this biz before but capitalism and taste bring me here now!

    Smoked Meat WTF GOOD TASTE YA!!!

    Question from me 'r about meat pieced sausage smoking

    30 minutes 52 celsius
    30 minutes 64 celsius
    30 minutes 130 celsius{

    Lowdown to 77 Celsius
    and keep monitoring the internal themp
    to score 71 Celsius…

    Question is about Pieced Meat Sausage

    Is that ok to put in protect bag and put in Water w Ice Blocks???

    How long time in cold water ?

    After that, How long time still ready to eat if protected in refrigerator?

    I’m thinkg to have small sausage stock to just get heat and serve…

    Is it ok?

    Thanks for this MEATGISTICS PROJECT

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    LaBarca.cf Welcome to the board! I am not 100% sure what you mean by meat pieced sausage (something is getting lost in translation here?) but I am assuming it means ground sausage that has been stuffed into a casing and smoked, let me know if that isnt correct.

    Now, this is just some general food safety stuff, I have no clue whatsoever what the rules and regulations are in Brazil for a food truck!

    Your smoke schedule sounds good as long as this is a cured sausage? If it is not cured then you are going to be in the “danger zone” of 40° F to 140° F (4° C - 60° C) for too long and you might end up with smoke botulism spores growing. Your 71°C is a good finished temperature, so you are good there.

    Yes, if you seal the bag (vacuum seal would be best) then putting them on ice like this should be fine, if your goal is to stop the cooking process then 20 minutes should be enough.

    Once the sausage has been cooked they should be okay for 3-4 days. You can always freeze them though and get 1-2 months.

    Hope this helped!

  • Hello Team.

    Thanks for Support.

    Yeah Translation hard for me in this case.

    But will show you what I want to smoke and take in refrigerator to stock more and just Grill.

    3 - 5 days, thanks!!

    About sausage It’s not Cured and Meat Pieced I mean…


    How to correclty smoke that please?

    U said

    If it is not cured then you are going to be in the “danger zone” of 40° F to 140° F (4° C - 60° C) for too long

    Can you review Whole schedule ?

    30 minutes X Degress
    30 minutes X Degress
    30 minutes X Degress

    Lowdown to 77 Celsius
    and keep monitoring the internal themp
    to score 71 Celsius…

    Vacum Pack and ICE.

    Any extra review? Any tip for Grill that later?

  • Team Blue

    LaBarca.cf Ah, linguica picanha! I might have to try that. I like the idea of the coarse chopped meat as was discussed in another thread. That looks like a good recipe for a single grind with the 3/16" plate.

  • Joe Hell said in Hi from Brazil. New Smoker in here.:

    coarse chopped meat

    coarse chopped meat
    coarse chopped meat
    coarse chopped meat


  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    LaBarca.cf Since you aren’t using Sure Cure it would be considered fresh here so, you have to get it above 140° in 40 minutes from when you start cooking it. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that can create issues for you. You will want a thermometer that can tell you the internal temperature of your sausage. We can’t give you a smoke schedule as this isn’t cured and because we dont know what seasoning, meat or casings you are using. I would recommend setting your smoker/grill around 275 and keeping an eye on the first few batches and pulling them when they hit 71° C (160° F).

    If you are going to vac pack them and then put them on ice you might also want to consider using warm water to reheat them. You can just toss the vacuum bag into water that is set to the temp you want to serve your sausage leave it in there for 20 minutes or so and you will serve a nice reheated sausage.

  • Jonathon LaBarca.cf What I take Jonathon is saying is that you might just want to “pre-grill” your fresh sausages all the way up to full cooked temperature (71 C/160 F) and then bag them. Store them on ice until you are ready to serve them. When you get ready to serve them, throw them, bag and all, into a 160 F/71 C kettle of water for 20 minutes. Your sausages will be serving temperature, smoky and delicious. You will also bypass any chance of serving bad meat. This will work especially well if you have a vacuum bag sealer. If not, slowly work the air out of a ziploc bag and seal that as well as you can.

    let us know if any of this is helpful.

  • Sorry, but conversation changed in some point in here…

    I want to smoke this fresh coarse chopped meat sausage to get that special flavour and color skin…

    Grill we do have in whole city…>

    I mean, to grill just to heat up the food for sales…

    Very good advice about warm water many thanks for that…

    I have no access to Sausage production, as I buy it from meat store only.

    Is there possible to smoke that still?

    By the way, I will show you how converting my grill to pitsmoke very soon…

    It’s under construction for next 10 days

    SO I will take it and start laboratory before take streets for sales…

    This is my mini Foodtruck deal.


    Thanks for support Folks!

  • Team Blue

    LaBarca.cf Do you have pictures of any of your food? I think I’d like to eat all of it!. Is that a Brazilian Lasagna you are selling?

  • About Lasagna will be frozen one from traditional markets… just to enjoy the fire a bit more and offer kind of pasta…

    I was in the route with my friend instagram

    Bikers n BBQ

    Many pics there from our last 30 days (3 events) season.

    Now, I will have my own biz smaller and ready made sausage just to heat and sell.

    Hard to smoke fresh meat looks like

  • Team Blue

    LaBarca.cf You could get a little smoke flavor by using hardwood coal and/or adding wood to your fire. If you are going with an offset style grill it should be pretty easy. There is also Hickory Smoke Powder you can buy from Walton’s that would give flavor but still allow you to cook quickly and safely.


  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    LaBarca.cf like Joe Hell said you can still get some smoked flavoring by just adding lump wood or wood chips to your smoker. The Hickory Smoke Powder would work as well. The issue is without I would not recommend cooking/smoking it at low temperatures to start off. You run too high of a risk of getting people sick with food poisoning and if you are trying to make a business out of this then getting people sick will stop anyone from eating at your cart more than once.

    So, adding wood chips/lump wood and using hickory smoke powder will help with the taste and if you cook them over wood you should still get some color, it just wouldn’t be what we would consider a true smoked sausage here.

  • Agreed. I will mix smoke

    30 minutes 130 C and later 30 minutes 71 C

    After that will finished 100% grill on fire…

    I hope to get flavour and safety even to take in refrigerator

    Sorry for boring,

    I will talk to my meat guy if possible to cure all my coarse chopped meat

    only for me in this case.

    If positive reply, I will start back smoking topic

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