• Want to make some snack sticks with beef anybody got good ideas far as using just hamburger or using roast and grinding it up and what percentage of pork fat are you mix in with beef to make sticks

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    Rogers If you use beef chuck then you are going to be at just about 80% lean and 20% fat which is in the range you want to be, a little more fat would help, getting it closer to at least 75/25 would be good but you should be okay with 80/20. Pork fat will be creamier than the beef fat, wont have as strong a taste and will be a nicer white but if you want to make an all beef snack stick it absolutely can be done.

    If you are going to use hamburger from the store go for either the 70/30 or 80/20 or maybe a 50/50 mix of both.

    If you want to use beef as the protein and pork fat as fat then I would recommend you go with a beef cut that has very little intramuscular fat, something like a trimmed eye of the round. Then add pork fat to that, most butchers should be able to give you pork fat but if they dont you can always buy some pork shoulder and trim the fat off of that and use it. Just add about 25% the weight of the beef in pork fat.

    I haven’t tried this yet but I am thinking I am going to be making some beef snack sticks here soon out of chuck and to up my fat I will add some beef bone marrow! I have done this with burgers and hot dogs to great success but not snack sticks yet.

  • Jonathon thanks Jonathan my wife has had some local butcher shop snack sticks and they’re all beef they are a bacon and cheddar so it has the bacon flavor with cheese in it any recommendations on what to use to get the bacon flavor should I just add a pound of bacon with my mix and then add my high temp cheddar cheese with maybe a Willy snack sticks seasoning?

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    Rogers Adding bacon has advantages and disadvantages in my mind. Obviously, it ups the bacon flavor in the stick which is a good thing, but it also has a tendency to make it a little more soggy. You can mitigate that by drying the bacon out first but then you get something crunchy in your snack stick which may, or may not be an issue depending on your preferences.

  • Jonathon bacon fat or belly is too soft for sausage plus it has added water, if it is a Wiltshire cure type. you could use a cold smoked Pork jowl, meaning a cured jowl that was smoked in a refrigerated unit where the fat wasn’t rendered due to temperature, the jowl will have a firmer texture. or use smoke added flavor ingredient. Like maybe smoked sea salt. I have used the smoked sea salt on a sous vide pork shoulder on the mixing at the end and it added a subtle flavor that i could control.

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    Jonathon I am now to the point where i can get consistant results making snack sticks. I usually use ground beef from the grocery, 80 20. I am able to get protine extraction with this amount of meat. By hand works for this. I have the meat mixer but it is a pain to clean. Decides that, my 30 inch masterbuilt can’t hold that much product. I rather hang my sticks so that limits me to about 5 pounds. I bought these skewers and weave them through the grill for the smoker. It’s rough but works. Still dreaming of having that pk100.

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    no_eyes_processor If we ever do a huge sale on the PK I will be sure to let you know! Glad to hear you are still at it and are perfecting your snack sticks, once you can do snack sticks consistently everything else is pretty simple. There really isn’t much difference between that and summer sausage or the cured ethnic sausages!

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