• OK thanks Jonathan another question I have I was talking earlier about using the bacon in the willies snack sticks Seasoning but now I see there is a bacon flavor Seasoning would that be similar to the willies with a bacon flavor or would it be a complete different flavor has anybody tried this one and I also see there is a honey barbecue is anybody happy with that Seasoning?

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    Rogers I tried the honey jerky seasoning last week in a couple different ways. The first was simply using it to season a pork chop prior to pan frying. It was deliciously sweet and salty. I then tried it on jerky and it was surprisingly mild in flavor. As a quick fix I mixed up some whiskey with honey and lemon zest and tossed the jerky in the mix and finished in the dehydrator. It turned out great! I used the left over mix on a some bacon for the smoker…the results were the same!

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    Joe Hell I could be wrong but I think what Rogers was talking about for the 2nd one was Honey BBQ Snack Stick and I think you are talking about Honey Jerky seasonings. If you were talking about the Honey BBQ Snack Stick I made a batch and then our commercial sales department also made a batch with a customer. Both times many people here LOVED it but it was not my favorite, the BBQ wasn’t right in my mind. But, again, other people were flipping about it!

    No, Willie’s and the Bacon Flavored Snack Stick don’t taste similar at all. If you are looking to add some bacon flavor then adding actual bacon is the best way to go. I recommend cooking it first then cutting/breaking it up into small pieces. You can add it uncooked but make sure you’re factoring in the fat content.

  • Jonathon yes you are right I was talking about the snack stick Honey barbecue and I was thinking the same thing on the bacon flavor I will just stick with the willies and cook the bacon this time before I mix it I think it should turn out really well I have had a honey barbecue from PS Seasoning which was really good I was just curious on the Excalibur thanks

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