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    Re: Maple bacon

    First and foremost, thanks for all the suggestions from everyone!

    So i finally tried adding the maple flavoring to the cure before injecting into the bacon. I added 2 tablespoons for 10 lbs of bellies (nice thick bellies at that) and also brushed a light coat of dark maple syrup on before thermal processing. It may have increased the maple flavor ever so slightly , but it was barely noticeable over just the maple that is in the cure.

    I will either try more flavoring or I may melt some of the syrup in a small pan of water, let that cool and then use that water to mix the cure. That should add both maple flavor and sweetness.

    Stay tuned!!

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    wvhunter1965 Adding more maple flavor is something lots of people try but it is difficult to do! Some people will actually say maple is experienced as a scent more than a taste so that MIGHT play into things as well. To people who say that I point to maple candy and no one has ever explained that to my satisfaction!

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    I do a maple chipotle buckboard bacon and have a decent maple flavor, not like your chewing maple candy though, that to me is way to strong

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