Livestream, New Seasonings, Fowl Sticks and Vortex FURY HD 500 Raffle

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    Weekly Blog Post - Livestream, New Seasonings, Fowl Sticks and Vortex FURY HD 500 Raffle

    Find out what's going on at Walton's and Meatgistics this week. We will have a loose schedule for soon to be released videos, what we are working on long-term and maybe a few quick tips and tricks that are on our mind!

    What Videos are being released soon?

    Meatgistics U Jerky 201: Brisket Jerky: We made some delicious jerky out of Brisket, mostly because we bought 170 lb of brisket for an event and only needed 150 lb, well worth it!

    What Projects are we looking ahead at?

    Still working (slowly) on a “troubleshooting” document for Meatgistics where we list common issues when making sausage, what most likely caused it, and how to avoid or fix if possible. It’s hard to organize it all and I have started and scrapped what I’ve done 3 times already BUT I think I have it now. I am going to do it by product so there will be a few repeats but this is the easiest way to organize it.

    What’s on our Mind?

    It’s the 1st of the month and you know what that means, Livestream time! Join us at at 4 pm (CDT) where we will draw a winner for October’s giveaway, announce November’s sales and giveaways and answer any of you processing questions. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Since nobody claimed September’s prize we are going to try to give it away AGAIN! So, join us at where you can enter to win the Walton’s Sausage Stuffing Kit! We will also announce the winner at the end of the Livestream.

    I made a batch of pheasant snack sticks today and our showroom manager made a batch of goose sticks in a few different flavors. I really like making snack sticks out of birds, they seem to be pretty good vehicles for the taste, especially when mixed with pork fat instead of a mix of the bird and pork butts. He used the Hatch Green Chili which is a fresh sausage, to make snack sticks and they were incredible! Anyone thinking about trying that I would highly recommend it, I think he did 17 lb of meat to a full bag of seasoning to try to match up the salt content, and then he added hi-temp cheese. I made Willies out of Pheasant, I used Sure Gel, HI-Temp Cheddar and Encapsulated Citric Acid, they came out fantastic!

    If you want a good chance at winning some Vortex Fury HD 5000 Binoculars then check out Pass It On’s most recent raffle here These guys are awesome and w never have a problem supporting or promoting anything they do! $10 gets you a 1/300 chance as they are only selling 300 tickets, so get yours now! Though, it’s probably pointless as I am obviously going to win!

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    New Products

    Hatch Green Chili Bratwurst Seasoning is finally live on the website! Guys, you are going to love this stuff! As I said above an employee at Walton’s made snack sticks with this seasoning and they were some of the best tasting snack sticks I’ve had in a while. He used 17 lb of meat and the full bag of the seasoning to try to get the salt content to be right.

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    What happened to the Raffle?

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    Miket482000 Someone won it from Pass it on, it was a little over a year ago so I can’t remember who it was

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    Jonathon Not that one there was just one a few weeks ago and now all of the sudden the page is gone and I don’t see any information on it at all now! I was just on the page a little over a week ago!

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    Miket482000 They are doing a livestream drawing with us today on their Facebook page for the Waltons processing package we provided to them but that is not for a vortex binoculars…though now I don’t think that is what you are talking about? So go to Pass it ons Facebook page at 2:30 today and you will find out who won!

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