• Is there an easy way to convert a bratwurst seasoning to be a snack stick, possibly by adding a cure to the mix?

    I’m specifically interested in using Apple Bratwurst seasoning to make snack sticks.

  • woodduck i have done this a couple times with bratwurst seasoning as a stick. Been having great luck with doing 20lbs of meat to the seasoning to up the salt content. I of course add cure and sure gel binder with it. The only thing i would strongly recommend is adding cheese with your meat for something like this just in case it is a little too salty. The cheese to me acts as a kind of cushion to the salt.

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    woodduck what Darkfish89 says is accurate, salt content is going to be different in a snack stick seasoning than a fresh sausage seasoning as we are wanting more salt to help solubilize the proteins in the meat. So, a good starting point is 20 lb of meat to a bag designed to do 25 lb, but that doesn’t mean it will be perfect, might take some dialing in.

    I LOVE the Apple Brat and I can’t believe I have never thought to do it as a stick. Like darkfish says, add cheese, both for his reason (cushion) and because cheddar cheese with apple is the best combination of cheese to seasoning!

  • Thanks,
    Just ordered the seasoning, and can’t wait to try this out.

    In a snack stick is the size of the cheese ok, but should the pieces be cut say in half because the snack stick is smaller in diameter.

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    woodduck The size of the cheese is fine for 17mm and above casings and I would assume you are using either 19 or 21 so you should be all good! I actually did a bit of a break down on this in Meatgistics University: Cured Sausage 204

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