• Made some summer sausage this past week. At 1st taste I wasn’t impressed. The following day it seemed better and again a little better the next day.
    I know it would take a little time for the seasoning to disperse throughout the product.
    How long after smoking, put in casings, and refrigerated does it take to reach maximum flavor.
    If you freeze this soon after finishing would it stop the seasoning dispersion within the product?

    Hope I’ve explained myself well enough to make my point. I’m sure there are better words to use that would help describe my question but this old hillbilly can’t find them right now. Thanks to all that respond.

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    denny66 A lot of the flavors develop more over the next few days but I don’t believe it is the seasoning dispersing through the meat as much as it is just developing more. I’ve made snack sticks that I thought were pretty bland only to try them the next day and discover that I really liked them. My suggestion is after the ice bath let them sit out at room temp for at least an hour, then the cooler for 12 hours for vacuum packing. That is the point I generally feel like they taste the best!

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    denny66 This shouldn’t be an issue. I’d think about how you mixed the spice in. Are you hand mixing, using a kitchen aid or a power mixer. Did you put cure in it and let it sit overnight before smoking? So many questions… I personally like to whisk the spice into some water before and drizzle it into our power mixer. But I don’t think it tastes different the longer it sits.

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    Parksider Next time you order buy Pizza Snackstick make some and try them right after you make them and then a few days later. It develops, trust me!

  • Parksider sorry if I misled you. I wasn’t considering this a problem. I was very happy With the taste improvement the 2 day. I was disappointed at my first tasting on the first day.

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    This will sound a little bizarre. Made the Rueben brats this past spring as a fresh sausage. Was not overly impressed on the initial try. After freezing for awhile they seemed much better (the bizarre part). No idea why.

  • denny66 Half of the time I won’t even try any meat I’ve processed without vacuum sealing it and freezing it for at least a week. I’ve also had some summer sausage that I smoked very heavy per a request and It also took a couple weeks to mellow out enough for me to eat it.

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    I don’t know if there is science behind it, but I should ask our “Application Specialist” as he probably knows, but I think there is a different flavor to seasoning after they have sat in whatever food product you make for a period of time.

    For a different type of example, I like making dips out of sour cream by adding some seasoning from one of the Excalibur seasoning shakers to it, and it never tastes the same immediately as it does the next day. It is similar, but yet different. It is like the seasoning has to fully permeate the food first.

    I’ll ask one of our other guys here who knows more there and see if he can confirm or deny anything.

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    Austin Salsa is ALWAYS better the next day!

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    This is interesting…I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it. I usually have to beat the fellas off with a stick when stuff comes out of the smoker. On the same note I do hang my dried venison for a week before we slice it…Someone else needs to be in charge of the science part, NOT ME!!!

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    There is always a few things that are better after resting. Seems like anything with tomato sauce base. Chili, spaghetti, lasagna. Now sausage?

  • PapaSop don’t forget cheese! I don’t really care for the stuff but time drastically changes smoked cheese C99D881C-9E31-42A8-9E8B-785E24A44F8E.jpeg

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    hotkarl I let mine sit and mellow for at least 5-7 days, doing more tomorrow while making snack sticks

  • I don’t know why but when we make breakfast sausage we make some with Caroline Reaper and and cook it right after the mix and everyone can eat. Freeze it for a month and it will make most men cry.

  • That’s a great observation about the sausages tasting better the next day. The same thing happens when I make stew, soup, or chili. It always tastes better the next day. I agree with you that spices give a great flavor and aroma immediately when cooked but have more to offer as they have a chance to sit longer.

    In reply to the one question about how long the sausage sits in the fridge…I follow the same procedures as most - from smoker or oven to the ice bath, air dry, then to the fridge for a few hours.
    My procedure from here will probably differ from others. After the sausage has sat in the fridge, I vacuum pack the sausage and put it back in the fridge for a few more days to a week before freezing.

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