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    How long can I refrigerate summer sausage before cooking it? And will it taste better to let it set longer than 12 hrs. before I cook it? Also how long to refrigerate it after cooking it before I vacuum seal it and freeze it

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    Douglas Moore Technically the cure would continue to work in the meat for up to 8 days as the cure will be effective up to that point. However, there would be some problems with that, the salt is working on the proteins pretty much from as soon as you add it to the meat, if you let it sit in the fridge for that long I think you would have some real issues when you went to cook. I think that case hardening, which is where the outside of the meat either dries or gets cooked too quickly and cannot pass heat efficiently into the center of the sausage, would be a major issue.

    Long story short (too late!) I wouldn’t ever let it sit more than 24 hours.

    Also, just make sure it is stuffed before you hold it, if you try to stuff after 12 hours it can be difficult, after 24 hours might be impossible.

    Hope this answered your question!

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