• Before I start I always feel the need to tell everyone, “I am a beginner at sausage making. Some questions I ask may be obvious to many but my inexperience In sausage leaves me with questions.
    What makes summer sausage seasoning mix different than snack stick seasoning.
    What I’m asking is, if I would like to try a flavor of a listed snack stick seasoning can I make it as a summer sausage.

  • Team Blue

    denny66 I would guess it’s the salt content. The first thing I would recommend is a digital scale capable of weighing in grams.

    I have found that when making scratch-made fresh sausage I go with a measurement of salt which is 2% of my total meat block. If I start with say 500 grams of ground pork I will add 10 grams of salt. The summer sausage seasoning also has other spices in it so maybe try 2.5% or 12.5 grams per 500 grams of meat. After mixing I always make a test patty and fry it up and adjust to taste from there.

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    denny66 Joe Hell There absolutely is a difference in salt content in cured and fresh salt. This is more for salts function than the taste as it helps solubilize the proteins in the meat and you need that more in cured sausage than in fresh sausage.

    However, there is nothing saying you can’t use a summer sausage to make snack sticks or vice versa. Classic flavor profiles are the big difference between them. We have plenty of people who willies snack stick seasoning to make summer sausage and love it.

    Glad you are here, trying to learn and asking questions!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I suppose I missed the part where he didn’t mention that it whether it was a ‘fresh’ sausage. lol

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Joe Hell I can’t even remember why I tagged you in that now, I think I meant to put “like” (then your name said) or something. Friday seems like a looooong time ago!

  • Yearling

    Joe Hell hi joe I want to pick your brain lol.for kosher salt in a 15 lb batch summer how many tb or tsp do I use.dont say grams.and how much kosher salt for 20# batch.thanks bud.

  • Team Blue

    farmer jim I don’t have much experience with Summer Sausage as I rarely eat it. When it comes to fresh sausage I start with approx. 2% salt to meat by weight. I’ll weigh everything out in grams because I’m nerdy that way. For small batch experiments for example I will use 10 grams salt to 500 grams meat.

  • Yearling

    Joe Hell I don’t have any info on how much kosher salt is = to grandulated salt.i no kosher is lighter. working with 5tb 7tb 10tb 12tb 10# 15# 20# 25# batches today.so the above tbsp.here are grandulated salt tbsp. I need to no what they are in tbsp. of kosher salt I really hope you can find this info for me I need to no real bad shortly.thanks

  • Team Blue

    farmer jim If measuring salt by volume it will vary from brand to brand but I’ve found that 10 grams of Kosher seems to season the same as 10 grams of any other salt.

  • Yearling

    Joe Hell well dang it all im going light on my batches because the kosher is lighter than grandulated and in rytek kutas sausage book it says if your not using grandulated salt in his recpies and using kosher salt your 10# batches and up will be all wrong.thats why I need to know how much kosher salt is = to one tb of grandulated salt.cant find any info on that.

  • Team Blue

    farmer jim There is some good salt info in the link below…

    https://www.[link removed]/kosher-to-table-salt-measurement-conversion-3060123


  • Yearling

    joe you made my day buddy with that info I cant thank you enough.thanks for the time spent.im happy happy.happy new year.jim

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