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    Hello everyone. My question is, I can understand using ECA in the normal summer sausage flavors. But when it comes to the other ones like Habanero bbq or jalapeño summer sausage what are y’all’s thoughts? I did use it once in the bbq smoke stick flavoring and was not impressed. I don’t think all their flavors will benefit from the tang but I wouldn’t mind having the benefits of ECA. Thanks in advance

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    Moistiestdrip I agree, it doesn’t work with evertthing but oddly I like it with the Habanero BBQ! A few I always either replace it with Smoked Meat Stabilizer or very very small amounts of sodium erythorbate are CheeseBurger Cheddarwurst, German Sausage, Anything Pineapple, Taco, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, sweet maple bacon, Honey and the Fajita. There are probably a few more but those are the top of my head.

  • I’m gonna bump this to the top. Who else uses ECA, and what flavors do you think really benefit from it? On hand, I have jalapeño snack stick, sweet maple bacon, bbq habanero, gigawatt hot, pizza, buffalo blue cheese, Chicago brat. I think that’s all right now

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    benjam88 Jalapeno, hab bbq, gigawatt, buffalo blue cheese al work well with it in my opinion. Chicago would be interesting, it’s a Brat so I don’t usually add it to fresh sausage and you run the risk of the palm or cottonseed oil not melting all the way as it needs to be above 130 degrees for an hour, if it doesn’t melt all the way it leaves a really odd coating. I’d think it would be bad with the sweet maple bacon and I’m not sure on the pizza though now that I say that I did use it with Pizza and it was pretty good if you like a more acidic pizza sauce.

    Now, there are plenty of people on here who don’t care for the tang that citric acid imparts but I am strongly on the side of enjoying it!

  • Thanks man!! I really appreciate the input! Sooooo just try it and find out? Lol

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    benjam88 lol, pretty much! It’s different for a lot of different people. Part of what I like is the tang and part is the functionality it adds. It gives you the ability to go straight to the smoker from stuffing as it acts as a cure accelerator and since it is dropping the pH it also gives your sticks a longer shelf life!

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