• I made a batch of summer sausage using the encapsulated citric acid. The 1st issue is that after turning my heat up to 175 it took about 7.5 hrs to reach the 160 degrees internal temperature from 118 degrees. Is it supposed to take that long? My second issue is it tasted so tart that it was all non edible.

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    Welcome to ECA. I don’t care for it. It can take that long depending on amount of water you had in it.

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    jthompson123 How much ECA did you use? What meat were you using and what was the fat content? Yes, it can take 7+ hours for sure depending on your setup. You can pull your sausage after it reaches 130° and finish it up in water that is about 170°. That will cut your time down dramatically. Parksider does this with a roaster pan, I like vac sealing it and doing it in a sous vide but it is all the same basically. Doing it without a bag does NOT leech flavor or smoke from the meat (surprisingly but I have tested it a few times as I didn’t believe him initially)

    As for the tang, that is part of what ECA imparts and I like that taste but I’ve never had anyone eat something I have added it to and they have said it was too tart to eat. I’ve seen that a few times on this board recently though. We went through most of our old posts and moved ECA to “optional” for this reason.

  • I was using deer meat and pork. Probably close to 60/40 since deer meat has no fat. Used about half pork and half deer then added a few pounds of extra pork fat. I used 1 bag of eca for the the 25lb batch of meat. I have a vertical smoke hollow smoker with an electric element installed. I pulled it out of the smoker at the end of the 155 and put it in my oven on 175 for the final cook. I did my 1st batch the same way but without the eca because I had time to let it cure overnight and it turned out great. Thanks for the input.

  • Followed the recipe and put 2 quarts for 25lbs of meat.

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    jthompson123 Just want to make sure you used the 4 oz bag of encapsulated citric acid? Your process sounds pot on by the way. It might have been a little low in fat but that wouldn’t alter the amount of tang. If you want to have less tang but still go right to the smoker you can use Smoked Meat Stabilizer or VERY small amounts of Sodium Erythorbate

  • Yes the 4oz bag. Next time I will do it when I have time to let it cure overnight. Thanks for the help.

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    jthompson123 I’m sorry but I don’t get the ECA taste, I don’t care for it at all. Don’t use it, doubt I ever will. I like to taste meat and spices and while I loved Macho Man Randy Savage RIP, I don’t like slim jims… My advise has always been make what you like. Good to use other stuff as a baseline but don’t feel there is a “right” way or “right” flavor. That’s the beauty of making your own stuff!

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    Amen to that!

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    making a 15# batch of deer summer sausage using 3 cups water/3tsp cure#1 7tb kosher salt/ 9tb sure gel binder/my own seasoning/know for using pork fat I want a 25% fat to meat.is that 11 1/4 # deer 3 3/4 # of pork back fat.if that’s right.then what is the best mix for deer and pork butts.there is meat with the fat on a butt so that has to be changed a little.all butts are not 80/20 anymore the government is loading the pigs up on growth hormones’ just to push them off to the market and there lean.i really want to drop the sure gel out.i need to know how much water salt sugar and pork fat into a 15# batch that will be spot on with a 25% meat to fat.and info on putting in a pork butt also.if you see something wrong with my batch let me know what I need to change to.thanks.jim

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    I just finished 75LB of caribou summer sausage a week ago and have had great luck over the years with 20 lb lean meat (venison, caribou, elk or moose and 5 lb beef fat with 1 lb binder, 1 oz cure salt, 1 oz sodium phosphate and 2 quarts water with what ever brand seasoning you use. I grind the fat 1/8 and mix it well with 3/8 ground meat and then regrind them together than mix all the other ingredients in the water and mix it very well. I use a graduated heat schedule with max temp 180 till I get internal temp 156degrees.

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    With 73mm casings it takes me 10-12 hours and 5-6 hours with 43mm casings in the smoker to get 156 degrees. If you are in a hurry try the water bath

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