Cold smoking some block cheese.

  • Cleaning one grill so figured I would cold smoke some cheese on the other. 5BDCCB9A-7645-4CCB-A45B-7C73F59AA77D.jpeg

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    Stats77 What types of cheeses and what type of wood? That isn’t cream cheese over on the right is it?

  • Jonathon ha ha. I haven’t tried ice cream yet. Maybe I’ll look to see if you guys do it on (Will it BBQ). It is mild cheddar , Pepper jack and mozzarella . I used apple pellets this time in the A-Maze-n tube.I like hickory as well on cheddar as it gives it a bacon taste. I smoke for two hours then I vac seal and put in fridge for at least 4 weeks .

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon LOL. I might just try ice cream!

  • Stats77
    I loved smoked cheese!! All I use is the amazen tubes for my smoke and love it. How long do you smoke your cheese? And do you have to do any prep on the cheese? And do you vacuum seal the cheese right away after taking out and cooling And then let it sit for 4 weeks?
    Sorry for all the ? But I am going to try this as my next project and don’t want to screw it up. Lol.

  • chippewa time wise it really prefers on your preference of smoke taste and the cheese. The A-Maze-n tube really puts out a lot of smoke especially in my komado. I keep my dampers all the way open. I stay between 1.5 hours to three hours. I prefer to smoke for one hour then turn the cheese to get a good uniform of smoke then smoke another hour . More then three can put to much smoke making the Taste like an ash trey. I stay with milder pellets(wood) Apple, cherry, but hickory Does great I think with cheddar. After I smoke I set them on paper towels and pat out any oil. I then vac seal put the date I smoked and put in fridge. 4 weeks for me seems good . But some people eat right away or even go longer .It’s fun experiment with different cheeses and taste. I love using the smoked mozzarella for doing pizzas . I usually always smoke my cheese in the colder months but if u keep it far enough away from the cheese and the temp doesn’t go over 85-90 you are good. Good luck

  • Stats77 thanks for the tips!! I can’t wait to try this.

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