• I made some chili dogs with pepper jack cheese, Jalapeño with ghost pepper cheese sticks, and Willies with pepper jack cheese sticks.
    Everything came out Great! Here is the process I used for all of them except I did use a food processor on the hot dog meat.

    Jalapeño sticks with ghost pepper cheese
    Seasoning from Waltons
    Came out excellent!

    3 1/2# venison
    2 1/2# pork shoulder
    1/2# beef fat
    1/2 # high temp ghost pepper cheese
    1 1/4 cup water
    Waltons jalapeño snack stick seasoning
    Carrot fiber for binder

    -Grind the meat thru 3/8” plate once then thru 1/8 inch plate twice.
    -Add seasoning,cure, water and mix in kitchen aid in batches until very sticky. Then add cheese and carrot fiber and mix well

    • stuff into 19mm smoked collagen casings
      Put in fridge overnight
    • pull meat out and let get to room temp on racks while smoker warms
      -set smoker to 120* with no smoke and dampers open and put meat in for one hour.
    • raise temp to 140* and add smoke.
      And smoke for 2 hours
    • raise to 145* for 1 hour
      -get a pot of water on stove to 170* and add snack sticks from smoker and put probe in one and cook until 160* IT is reached.
    • put in ice water bath to cool.
      -put on towel and dry then put on racks and let dry for an hour or so
    • vacuum pack and put in fridge overnight then put in freezer.
      44F1406B-1D6A-468E-810F-3AF5E8548B35.jpeg D6FE3B45-2E72-445D-BE2B-D9BE76BB0393.jpeg 48382DDD-4EEA-4184-8331-944FB19317A7.jpeg 54ADC695-4D9F-4699-A71D-E397FB1CDB9F.jpeg
  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    chippewa Looks like your time was very well spent! What were your thoughts on the Ghost Pepper with the Jalapeno?

  • Regular Contributors

    Look great ,got to try some ghost pepper it sticks only did it in summer sausage. Congrats

  • Jonathon said in Busy couple days:

    chippewa Looks like your time was very well spent! What were your thoughts on the Ghost Pepper with the Jalapeno?

    Thanks Jonathon I think it is A perfect Blend!! And about 1/2 of my friends love it And the other 1/2 think it’s way to hot 🥵 So I did the Willies with pepper jack for them.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    chippewa Less for them is more for you and that was awful nice of you to make a separate batch. Willies is always the choice for a not hot snack stick in my mind, I love that stuff!

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