Snack stick cooking method other than smoker

  • I do not have a smoker so my question is whats better to cook my snack sticks with? , I have a dehydrator or conventional oven. My dehydrator will go very low in temperature settings but only goes as high as 160 degrees. My oven will only go to as low as 170 degrees but obviously will go much higher temp than the dehydrator. So which is better ? How long of a cooking process? Thanks for any advice.

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    Thunder4444 We have done some testing before and we have had luck with propping the oven door open a little to bleed some heat. With a minimum temp of 150 we were able to get the top rack staying steady at 120. You might not be able to do that with a minimum of 170 though. I think I would recommend you go 170 for an hour and then 185 until the internal temp is 160, then, if you want a dryer product toss them in the dehydrator for a while at the highest temp.

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    Jonathon I have a buddy that puts them in brown paper bags in a cool garage for a few days to get desired dryness if not completely happy after hitting 160 IT…

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    caryfr5 Yeah, some people do that, we can’t recommend things like that for safeties sake. Another option for a dryer stick is simply putting it into a dehydrator afterwards. I don’t like really dry sticks so I avoid that.

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