• I Have been wondering for sometime now if anyone has smoked summer sausage or kielbasa sausage or any type of sausage that you slowly crank up heat? Or the recipes that say to start off with no smoke then add smoke for a certain time? The reason I am asking is with those types of recipes, I feel like the meat would get too much smoke or maybe i am wrong anyone that can help thank you.

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    Tommie It IS possible to over smoke meat for sure but the reason we don’t have people add smoke during the first hour is that the meat is not going to accept any smoke at that point, so why waste it? Most pellet smoker/grill combos don’t start lower than 150 (or at least mine at home doesn’t) so I would recommend that you geta good ambient probe thermometer and experiment with propping the lid a little to bleed off some heat initially.

    Absolutely people do use pellet smoker/grills to make summer sausage and snack sticks. To avoid oversmoking you could smoke until the internal temperature of the meat is 130° and then pull it and finish it up in water. That will prevent it from being in the smoker for a long period of time. There is a ton of information on this f***m about pulling at 130ish and finishing up in water. Check out some of Parksider posts where he talks about it, here is a little information on it https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/683/summer-sausage-nightmare/3

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    Jonathon Tommie i use my gmg to smoke…I just used it this past weekend for summer sausage and I found if I popped the lid the temp would be all over the place so I just left it at 150° for most of the cook and the temp would increase on its own…not sure if my sausage was giving off heat once it got to a higher temp or not…but like jonathon said get a good ambient probe I found out my pellet grill was colder on the right side so I tried to keep everything closer to that side and rotated and flipped it quite often it came out good I thought and didn’t have too much smoke

  • blackbetty61 thank you for the tips and info I have the pit boss vertical pellet smoker but I’m sure the colder zones would still exist. I will invest into a better thermometer as well.

  • Jonathon thank you also. I know the best answer to my question would be to just get out there and find out. But I figured I could ask some knowledgeable folks like yourself before I spend the money on the meats.

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    Tommie I just bought a inkbird ibt -4xp from Amazon I like it cause you can set a high and low temp alarm it has 4 probes 3 for meat and one for ambient I used one of the meat probes along with the ambient one to see if I had any differences in my temp and sure enough I did there’s a app for it I think it was around $50

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    blackbetty61 Please let us know if you like it. And that goes for anyone else, if you have a product that you really like and think others would like it we would love to know about it! We might not always be able to carry something but it is always at least worth looking in to.

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    Jonathon so far I like it I’ve only used it for the first time last weekend I like how you can set a high and low temp (that’s one thing I was looking for when I was in the market for a bbq thermometer) say if your smoker gets to hot it’ll alarm your phone or if the fire would go out for some reason you can set a alarm for that also kinda wish it was waterproof and the leads were longer but you can’t have everything for around $50 it’s worth it in my book…also once I charged the battery it lasted well beyond my 7-8 hrs of time at around 30° outside so that is good I honestly think the battery would last for a couple 7-8 hr cooks if not more

  • I also have the Pit Boss Vertical Smoker and made Summer Sausage this past weekend up here in Wisconsin. It was around 28 out so the smoker did struggle. Like the guys said crack the door open and set it at 150 for an hour first. I have a Therma Pro unit and I use two probes with it, one for Ambient that sits way up in the top of the smoker and the other one goes into a stick of the summer sausage on the back wall. I use the Pitboss probe in one of the sticks closer to the glass. So that gives me four probes, two for the meat and two ambients counting the builtin probe. I did a 20-pound batch. The other note for you that I have is that from the top to the bottom is about a 25-30 Degree difference. It took around 10 hours to get the meat to 135 Degrees then I actually finished in the oven at 180 for about 2 and half hours then ice bath right when it hit 160. The product turned out great. Can’t wait for summer so the smoker doesn’t have such a difference in temp from top to bottom.

    My smoke schedule was tricky with the weather but I let the sausage hang in my shed overnight first. But I set the unit at 150 for 2 hours, “added automotive sponges soaked and an inch of water to the pan” then set it to175 for 2 hours, 200 for 6 hours. But like I said it was cold out and the internal unit would sit around 150-200, bouncing back and forth. The top of the unit never hit above 200. IMG_0879.JPG.

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    installing a convection fan from an old gas or electric convection household oven will definitely help keep the temperature more constant. I installed one on the top of my smoker and am going to install a 2nd one 1/3 way up from the bottom of my smoker to help keep a constant temp throughout the smoker. It definitely helps to have a digital thermometer with multiple probes to see how the temp varies throughout the smoker

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    Jonathon that is exactly what I do on my Rec Tec 680 when I’m smoking cured sausages. I was getting more smoke than I wanted so I pulled out my stock pot & started finishing in 160 degree water bath after about 3 hours in the smoker.

  • bdaubu thank you for the input with the vertical smoker it helps.

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