are seasonings interchangable

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    I am curious if interchangeable for different products? like using the hatch green brats seasoning for summer suasage or snack sticks? if so beside cure would I need to add anything else? thank you in advance for any information you may have

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    ginsu14 In some ways yes, any seasoning can be used to make any product (as long as you aren’t selling them and it’s for home production only) but you have to take a few things into account. First, when going from fresh to a cured product like you are talking about you have to try to calculate the salt content a little, or at least reduce the amount of meat you are using. I know Darkfish89 did hatch green chili snack sticks and I think he really likes them. I believe he used 17 lb of meat to a full bag of seasoning that would do 25 lb of meat.

    Also, if you are using a jerky seasoning to make a sausage product you will want to use more seasoning per lb of meat as it isn’t designed to be as strong.

    Other than that just us whatever additives you would normally use like Sure Gel for snack sticks or carrot fiber for bratwursts.

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    Jonathon thank you

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    ginsu 14 In February we made an assortment of products. When we started on Willies sticks and got to the last three pounds we ran out of casing for the meat sticks. We changed horns and filled a summer sausage casing so not to waste the meat. Well, yesterday I gave the Willies summer sausage a try on crackers. Wow! will be making Willies summer sausage next year after deer season.

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    lefty Yeah, snack stick to summer sausage and vice versa are pretty much 100% interchangeable as long as its being done for home enjoyment. There may be an issue for a commercial processor though I honestly don’t know.

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    Jonathon, Thanks, I have been interchanging summer sausage and snack stick seasoning for several years, always trying to find something interestingly good. Since I pretty much love the flavor of the Willies seasoning I wonder what the meat block would be in a fresh brat? Would appreciate it if you had a recommendation. Didn’t mean to steal this thread…

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    lefty Yeah, I don’t see a big deal with a thread mutating into whatever it needs to be. Maybe if we continue to grow like we are now we will have to look at it again but for now, this is basically the polite wild west! The mild west?

    Ohh willies in a fresh sausage would be interesting but it could possibly be overly salty. I’ve got some frozen ground pork that doesn’t have another purpose currently, maybe I will give this a shot to figure out a ratio of seasoning to pork and I’ll absolutely update everyone if I get to do it. If you get to it before me I wouldn’t go too crazy on reducing the ratio, maybe in the range of 5-10% less seasoning. Obviously if you do it first please let us know!

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    Jonathon Thanks Jonathon, Will give that a try with the Willies next fall. Presently have 2 freezers full of venison goodies. Thought you might want to hear that lakes in the Clark, SD area are up 5 to 6’ right now. Should be some great shallow walleye fishing coming up soon.

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