• Jonathan, I watched your video on dry cure for bacon and the bacon enhancer. However this time my bacon came out real salty. This is the first time this has happened. So I went back and looked at my process.
    2 things were different for this batch.

    1. I added the enhancer
    2. I usually season my bacon before I smoke it. I use Dave’s pork rub and Webber dry pork rub and pepper. I mix all three 1 for 1 ratio. But this time I did not have enough rub mix so I added a rub that I used on Kansas City style ribs. The mixture of the Kansas rub was one cup but the clincher is that this rub contained kosher salt (small) amount but could this cause the salty ness that was extreme. Questions
      I know to never mix kosher salt into the rub
      Should I decrease the bacon cure quantity
      My thickest bellies might be 2 inches but average is 1 1/2 inches
      Should I only cure for 3,4or 5 days

    I am open to all suggestions need to do another load asap[link text]([link url](link url))

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    rhschwartz1957 When you are done with the holding process how thoroughly did you rinse it off? You can set it in a Polly pan or lug at an angle in your sink and let freshwater run over it to reduce the saltiness BUT since you haven’t had this issue in the past I doubt that is your issue. Is that additional rub you put on it very salty? If you put some in your hand and taste it, does it still taste good or is it formulated more to work with long smokes like ribs?

    I wouldn’t go below 4 days even on your 1.5" thick bellies. Theoretically, it would be cured in 3 days but since you are only partially cooking the bacon then I would want that extra day to make sure!

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    rhschwartz1957 Also, I will research and ask our application specialist if for some reason adding Kosher salt afterward would cause any issue. I think the amount and to a lesser extent the size of the crystal could be a factor though.

  • Does Waltons have a rub that I can put on the bacon before smoking. I find it difficult to not put some type of seasoning on it. But I don’t want it salt based

  • Jonathon
    Unfortunately that mix is all gone. And now that you mentioned it, I forgot to tell my new person to dry the bellies once they are rinsed. Could that also be a reason for the salt. What I am seeing now could be a lot of mental errors that added up to my dilemma

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    rhschwartz1957 I’ve done the Jalapeno Flakes but I think the best would be one of the butt rubs, specifically the Memphis or st Louis

    However, my favorite is the 5 Pepper Blend it’s awesome for rubbing on bacon after curing but before smoking.

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    rhschwartz1957 Yeah, I think that might be what you are running up against. I understand wanting to rub the bacon with something else but in general I would try to stay away from something with a high salt content as most bacon cures (in fact maybe all of them) are going to be fairly salty. Out of the ones I listed above only St Louis has salt in the first few ingredients. Really there 5 pepper blend was my favorite and that has 0 added salt.

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I make a Chipotle and Jalapeno bacon each week at the shop by simply adding powdered spices. It’s delicious! This week I’m getting a little crazy and making an ‘Everything Bagel’ seasoned bacon.

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    I have had trouble with salty bacon more than a couple of times and I have reduce the cujre tie to 5 days and let it soak over night as well and it is less salty!

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    rhschwartz1957 said in Bacon dry cure issues:

    Does Waltons have a rub that I can put on the bacon before smoking. I find it difficult to not put some type of seasoning on it. But I don’t want it salt based

    What Joe hell said! I do the same, rub mine with straight chipotle powder,… if you want it spicy warm!!!

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    Joe Hell I hope you keep us all updated on how the everything bagel bacon comes out!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon The ‘everything’ bacon turned out great and it’s gorgeous to look at too! I would have liked a bit more intensity on the onion and garlic but I’m already working on another batch to address that. I think this one is going to be quite popular! You can also see the chipotle and jalapeño bacon in this photo. Just out of the picture is our new harissa seasoned.


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    Chipotle bacon is the $h!:t!!

  • Yearling

    I have used Kosher salt and Sea salt for beacon, Both turned out beacon a bit too salty for our taste. We tried pickling salt, it worked. We have done over 100# of belly beacon the fall and everyone has gave a excellent review.

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