• Team Orange

    Hey guys just wanted to ask all of you a question.

    I purchased a order and the high temp cheese came melted, I noticed my package was delayed in Chicago for over a week with everything going on so not sure if that had anything to do with it.

    Yes I did send a email about it but I’m not worried about that. My question is since the high temp cheese melted do you think the other stuff in my order is safe? I planned on using it tomorrow and don’t want to get sick, just curious if the heat can do any harm to these products.

    Sure Cure

    Again not worried about getting the stuff replaced and not complaining one bit about the order, just want to know if it’s safe to use before I start this project tomorrow.

    Thank you guys as always!

    Team Orange!

  • Hi Temp cheese melts at a very high temperature at this temperature(400 F) I believe the ECA would have denatured.

    Stay safe

  • Team Orange

    Andrew A638ACB8-EC00-42B9-808B-666F2CB2C4FE.jpeg

    Yeah I think the ups guy had it in his engine lol I don’t know what they did

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    BobbyMac Obviously let us know if you run into any issues with a replacement.

    Sure cure, and Dextrose will be fine, I know there is a temp that would inactivate the cure but it’s above 300 °C so that’s fine. The ECA, I’d bet more than a little money is fine as well but there is a good way to check. The encapuslation is made from either palm oil or cottonseed oi, when you take it out of the package is there a waxy substance all over the place? Obviously I don’t mean encapsulating the “pill” I mean that looks like it has melted and clumped. If not then you are fine, if you do see a waxy substance or anything odd let us know, but I’d find it really unlikely!

  • Team Orange

    Jonathon Awesome thank you for getting back to me so fast, not worried about replacement I know you guys are great. Just wanted to make sure everything was safe before I added it to my meat. Thank you for clearing that up!

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