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  • Hello! Looking for recommendations for a jerky seasoning that is low-sodium and has minimal ingredients. We’re using the Teriyaki right now, and it’s very good, but have had feedback about the sodium content as well as the relatively long ingredient list. Thanks!

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    Unfortunately we do not offer a low salt jerky seasoning. Salt is almost always the #1 ingredient in seasoning, especially for jerky, because it is used for flavor enhancement and preservation of the meat. If you want something that is less salty though, some of my favorite options are BBQ Jerky Seasoning, Honey Jerky Seasoning, Sweet Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning, or anything else that would be classified as sweet. Many of the sweeter jerky flavorings have the #1 ingredient as sugar and can help with your goal of having something that doesn’t taste as salty. My top choice there would definitely be the BBQ Jerky Seasoning.

    Another option to reduce salt or have it taste less salty is to simply use less seasoning too.

    As far as options with a cleaner label, some of my favorite options there are Colorado Jerky Seasoning and Pepper & Garlic Jerky Seasoning. I think the Pepper & Garlic Jerky Seasoning tastes the least salty among those options, but salt is the #1 ingredient in both.

    You can look through all the jerky seasonings at https://www.waltonsinc.com/seasonings/jerky-seasonings and when you visit a product page, look under the “Additional Info” tab to view ingredient statements for all the various jerky blends. That might help you compare ingredient lists to find one that could best suit your desire for a cleaner label and something with a less salty flavor (and look at the sweet or bbq options for something with more sugar so it’s more of a sweet than salty profile).

    Let us know if we can be of more assistance or help you find the direction and flavor profile that best suits your needs!

  • Team Blue PK100 Power User

    hraudsepp ,

    Just keep in mind why the salt is there. Traditionally used to help dry the meat to store at room temperature. You’d have to move awav from the mixes to minimize the salt content but remember you’ll most likely have to store meat under refrigeration or freeze it. I’d start by looking at some of your favorite mix labels and buy the individual spices, i think Austin has most of them here at Waltons. I like using a wet marinade, start with low sodium beef broth or consumme (think roasted bones with carrots, onion, celery then strain the juice off) it makes a great base. Then i use worchestershire powder, hickory powder, and the rest of the spices to your liking. I also some type of cure agent at add room temp stability. You can add soy sauce, or worchestershire sauce to add salt or add whatever amount of salt you perfer. I like using Kosher salt instead of table salt. You can use worchestershire sauce as your base and dilute it with water as well. While your “working up” your recipe keep it simple use 1 cup(s) for liquids and 1 T or 1 t for dry spices add more or less depending on whether you like garlic, mustard, onion, chili, hickory, cayanne, habanero, chinese 5 spice, or whatever spices you like. We love spicy so primarily use habanero-rich flavor with some heat for example.
    Got to keep in mind what was available in 1850 and go from there, i’m not saying don’t take advantage of science, but I’m old school…

  • Austin & Parksider - thank you very much for your responses. We are selling our jerky, and are conscientious about customers needing a low-sodium option, while simultaneously wanting a minimal ingredient label. Anymore, so many consumers are wary of artificial preservatives, but many fail to consider that a product like jerky is most convenient when it is shelf-stable. Thank you again!

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