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    Test. Just tried on laptop, hit submit and nothing. From cell now.

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    Worked. Very strange.

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    Watched Jonathan review on the PrimaVac and got thinking about these and all the wasted bag material used from the Foodsaver on my last meat run. Watched some videos and reviews on the three lower priced models.

    Weston Pro 2500, Vacmaster vp 215 and PrimaVac 254.
    Weston $899-- rather noisy with a lot of beeping.
    Vacmaster $1199— much quieter and no beeps.
    PrimaVac $1351— couldn’t find one actually running but I’m guessing similar to the Vacmaster.
    Curious why the PrimaVac requires a warm up time and the Vacmaster does not. Both have oil based pumps.

    What would you Jonathan or anyone else for that matter recommend?

    Also found a review Austin did on the Vacmaster. Is there a link to all your product reviews anywhere? One on Meatgistics might be helpful for people looking for something new or to upgrade.

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    PapaSop The warm up function is designed to heat the oil and clear it of impurities, I think it is a way to maximize the life of the pump rather than the oil. I think that is going to be far more valuable for a processing plant or butcher who might possibly push that type of pump to the end of it’s life, rather than a home guy. If I first got the machine or hadn’t run it in a season I would run that cycle but I certainly wouldn’t if it had just been a day or even a few days since I ran it.

    Out of all the non 100% commercial chambered (or non chambered for that matter) machines I have used I think the Primavac is my favorite. Now, they are brand new so who knows if that will continue to be accurate but they have nice strong fast pumps, do a good seal and while this is NOT a real selling point because it isn’t official, I was able to lay 2 bags on top of each other and seal the product in them and they sealed perfectly. That’s anecdotal though, not official!

    Every page that has a product review should have a link to it underneath the main image in the image carousel. Or we have a product review playlist on our youtube page here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtDTXDFpOF0402-aQ1Ag7oVf9qdv7-zym

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    Thanks for the info. This going to be a tough decision. Especially with the cost of the PrimaVac closing in on the PK100. Obviously the PK would get more use but the overall savings on the bags from a chambered sealer looks enticing as well. Really looking long term on this not only for my use but passing on down to my boys as well.

    May need a glass of brain food on the rocks and think about this. 🤔🥃

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    PapaSop Testing, testing, 1,2, 3?

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    PapaSop I have burned out three vacuum sealers, currently on my fourth. I could have put down a pretty good down payment on a chamber vac. I am planning on making a purchase when this one passes on to vacuum heaven. Saving my pennies until then, I think it is a good investment and does a better idea job packaging.

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    Would have to agree. On my third one as well.

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    YooperDog I’ve been through many foodsavers over the years. The chamber vac is a game changer. The meat shop would be screwed without one!

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    Joe Hell any commercial shop has to have a chambered machine, hands down.
    If you do any volume at home, you can still justify it.
    Only takes a couple vac bags per day to pay for a chambered machine.

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    Austin The amount of food saved from spoilage at the shop and home is worth every penny!

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    We still have a couple butcher shops around that don’t use them, stuck on foam trays, sarana wrap and freezer paper!!
    Needless to say I don’t shop there much!

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    I have a Weston Pro 2300 (non-chambered) that has served me well for close to 15 at this point, and is still going strong with a good deal of use. I recommend it to anyone looking for something like it. That said, there are many moments when I wish I had a chambered sealer. That Primavac 254 is on my wish list. My biggest issue with it is where to put it.

    I left the Foodsaver brand a long time ago, and I probably wouldn’t take one today if you offered it for nothing. I had a “Pro” version that lasted about 3 years, not nearly long enough for what was a $300 machine at the time. The replacement barely made it a few months, and the warranty replacement for it was garbage right out of the box. That was enough for me. Some of my barbecue buddies and my homebrew shop used the Weston, so I went with that. It’s a workhorse.

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    I have the Vacmaster VP215 and got it about 10 years ago. I have replaced the oil and keep it clean, but use it for much more than household needs. I feel that it was one of my best investments. I do many dry goods like flour and grains, bulk spices, powder milk. I tend to buy everything from wholesalers and in bulk and keep food spoilage to a minimum. The professional looking packaging and labeling helps to support business growth, even for the small guy that just wants to do this more as a hobby. I very sound investment in my opinion.

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