• looking for some input on seasonings for making wild hog breakfast sausage and bratwurst? What is a good starting recipe? This will be my first time doing wild hog. The whole hog will be ground no cuts taken out. Only hogs under 60lbs will be used.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I have made sausage from wild pigs (Small ones like you are talking) in Texas and had great luck. What I found was lack of fat. They are young and lack fat so make sure you coordinate for some pork fat at your local store, we added 20%. Don’t listen to all the hype about the pigs meat smelling it doesn’t, the hide does.
    We shot them, skinned them and the meat was beautiful but lean. added pork fat and used a sage breakfast sausage recipe and came out great. You can make bratwurst the same way just add fat to get it to normal farm raised pork. Hope this helps, good hunting and good eats.

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    Unfortunately, the only real input I have is that a friend of mine and his father-in-law made some fantastic sausage from wild pigs shot on their family ranch. I forgot to ask details, but I might have to fix that (and get back to you).

    I know that (like zerr ) that the carcasses are skinned right after they are shot, and that they usually hang the carcasses for a few days before processing. I’m sure they added some fat. They did both cured and fresh, and both were terrific (I preferred the cured, but I tend to do that).

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    a2zwildlife First, I’d say using pork fat is going to be your best bet. Assume your hog has 5% fat at most so add between 15-20% pork fat. Then, if you are making fresh (bratwurst and the like) use carrot fiber and if you are making cured sausage (summer sausage or snack sticks) use Sure Gel
    Fresh seasonings that would work well (in my mind)
    Inferno Hot Brat
    Jambalaya Brat
    Hatch Green Chili
    Supreme Pizza
    Willies Always a good choice
    Habanero BBQ
    Buffalo Wing jerkjy

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