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    I received my slicer yesterday and what an incredible value. It is well built and should provide years of service. However as others have alluded to, the manual leaves a lot to be desired. I made some sense out of it because my wife is Vietnamese and does not have good English, but I think she could have done a better job writing the manual. I know that this is not your issue or fault at Walton’s but a help segment where we can ask some questions would be good. Like how do you clean this meat slicer, and how do you sharpen the blade on this slicer.

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    drbrown35801 I have the manual right in front of me now and we have had some bad translations in the past but good lord! Give me till tomorrow, I have one and I will sharpen the blades to verify I am correct and will post if my attempted translation of that section is correct!

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    Jonathon One of my jobs at Martin Archery was to rewrite manuals like that. Good times! LOL

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    The manual for the 11lb stuffer was probably written by the same person. The stuffer is great but the manual is useless as well as unreadable.

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    drbrown35801 Okay, sharpened the blade this morning successfully. So, a few things to make note of first. The sharpening wheels carriage can be orientated two ways, front and back. When you are running it to slice have the wheels in the back of the unit, don’t switch it to the front until you are wanting to sharpen the wheels. Then when you switch it doesn’t tighten down the screw in the back until you have orientated the wheel that sharpens the back of the blade in such a way that pressing the button will allow the sharpening wheel to make contact with the blade. If i just tightened that down I found that the wheels would get caught on the base before it could make contact with the wheel. So, I put it on there, pressed the button until it made contact with the wheel, and then tightened it slightly so that pressing the button would still make contact with the back. Then I turned on the slicer and pressed the button on the back for two seconds intervals, until it has reached the level of sharpness needed!

    Also, I talked with Austin and future instructional manuals will be written by us so we won’t have these problems!

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    Thank you. I am looking at purchasing a vacuum sealer. I have a food saver, but there is no way it will keep p wit what I am doing. I have come to the conclusion that a chamber vacuum sealer is the best move. Can you guys tell me is there any advantage between the Walton (2600?) it is $899.99 and the Vacpro? $1,199.99? Sorry I am trying to type the modules from memory.

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    Ok 2500 Walton vac sealer compared to the vacmaster

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    drbrown35801 I own the VacMaster VP 215. I Love it. I find the chamber vacuum sealer to be more versatile then the strip units. Can do liquids without any problems. I also find the quality of the seal is more reliable and rarely have a failure. I have owned mine for about 8 to 10 years, and it just runs. I do love the short cycle times, and have never outpaced the unit. I have had to wait using strip units if it heats up too much. All in all, I believe it was an outstanding investment.

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    drbrown35801 I think you mean the Weston 2500 (https://www.waltonsinc.com/weston-pro-2500-chamber-vacuum-sealer) the main difference will be power of the pump and quality of build. The HBC, and vp215 are designed more with a small commercial application in mind. Nothing against the 2500, it’s a good machine for what it does but it does have limitations that the others wont. The advantage is you could buy 1.5 of those vs the cheapest of the other kinds so if it does need replacing its not the biggest issue in the world. But in general the 3 HBC ones we carry and vp215 are going to last longer, you just pay a lot more for them!

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