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    I processed 58 chickens last night so I have several pounds of livers. I would like to use them to make a batch braunshweiger and have reviewed lots of recipes. Most are pretty much the same ingredients. Double grind small plate, mix, stuff, poach, cold-smoke. I would like to modify the process a bit and want some opinions. Ive had homemade for a few people and I eat commercial stuff regularly and there is a big difference.


    1: How do I attain more of a commercially made flavor? I believe this is less of a liver flavor so I think maybe just increase the amount of pork trim? They seem to have a bit more of a slight tangy flavor; maybe thats just the lack of iron flavor???

    2: Can I use a 2.5inch fibrous casing? Most recipes, if they mention casings, say to use a pork middle, bung or bolonga chub casing? I’ve never used any of those and I have 2.5inch fibrous on hand?

    3: The process of cold smoking is less than desired. I have a smoker that can achieve 150 degrees on the low side. My options were to double smoke some of my homemade bacon than add that during the grinding, my fear is it may dry down a bit and get small gritty pieces of meat in the final product. Option 2: add a tray of ice and leave my smoker as low as it’ll go and monitor temps keeping them low? The product will be fully cooked by then so bacteria isnt as much of a concern as if it were raw meat with a couple hours of super low heat? What would you do?

    3a: After smoking would it be recommended to vac seal the sausage for a few days to help the smoke equalize through out the sausage?

    Thanks for the help.


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    deanlorensen I’m hoping that either Cabelas90 lamurscrappy or Departing Contestant has some good information for you here as I’m not much of a braunshweiger guy.

    I can say for casings you can buy Braunshweiger Casings individually so they are pretty inexpensive and then you are using the correct casing. However, I don’t think a 2.5" would be any real issue?

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    I wouldn’t have the first clue where to start with this. We make Some but not traditionally. we cook it just like summer sausage. I wont touch the stuff but our customer orders 20lbs every 2 weeks so it cant be bad. We also use Fibrous casings so your fine there. As far as the Rest I really hope someone else is more helpful than me!

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    I have never made it, but I love it
    I have friends who have won nationally and these are some tips I have picked-up
    don’t skimp on the fat (30% is good target), liver should be 30% min - 50%,
    2.5-3% non-fat dry milk
    refreeze the meat before you grind each time
    nice and smooth but slightly firm texture is what you want for finished product
    boil is best in salted water. If you put them in a smoker get your humidity as high as you can
    I am not a fan of real smokey braunschweiger.
    leave out the almonds and bacon

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