Country smoked SACK sausage seasoning.

  • I grew up in TN, during the winter months we were able to get Country smoked sausage in muslin bags. I have found the bags but am looking for the seasoning either as a recipe or a blended mix. Thanks

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    Ted Perry is it a Breakfast sausage seasoning or is it a cured sausage or something? Give us some more information, we have a few Country Breakfast ones in the system from Excalibur. They would be special order though so there would be minimums (probably a case) and a lead time (probably 14 days)

  • Yes it is a breakfast sausage not dry cured. Jakes country sausage in Joelton TN produces sausage.

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    i remember a pork sausage in a cloth sack that had a very thick layer of fat. man, that was a long time ago. couldn’t tell you a thing about the flavor . I just remember that thick layer of fat

  • Can’t say that I remember the fat layer but I’m going to figure it out eventually.

  • Ted Perry where did you get the bags?

    the seasoning mix is a pretty standard breakfast sausage recipe with the addition of pink salt. the unique taste of sack sausage comes from hanging and allowing it to cure before and after smoking.
    there is a recipe online if you google Tennessee sack sausage.

  • Vintagechef I found them at a couple of places but had them at a good price. You may have to call them I just tried their site and it was under construction.But I came up with a recipe and made 6 pounds last spring it came out pretty close to my memory of what it should be but I got a little heavy handed with the pepper. But the bags worked fine I soaked mine a few minutes before filling and that helped. I filled mine right off the grinder.I think Waltons may have the bags too.

  • Ted Perry Any chance you’d be willing to share your copy cat recipe/methods? I found this sausage in a local grocery store and really enjoy it. Price has gone up though so I was thinking of trying to make it and came across this. Also their fat content is pretty high, I was considering using less just to make it a little healthier.

    I was thinking of just starting with a basic pork sausage seasoning and then adding curing salt and some hickory smoked powder. Don’t think it will be exactly the same but hoping it would be good enough.

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